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Between inzell in and out of zones swing rates this season he has a difference of forty percent and that is a very very substantial drop it is one of the very biggest such drops in all of baseball looking at starting pitchers who have worked in the last two years that would give hill the third worst drop in that direction behind jose your riina whose name i have just said out loud for the first time in my life and a wade miley fun thing about this tablist toward top the stable you find weighed mile ayoub aldo men as an chris tillman all auriol's starting pitchers all bad it's all bed for the orioles any case richhill not getting the swings at under that these two and getting more swings in the zone than he used to do so that tells you at their that okay hitters are taking a more disciplined approach hitters clearly are seeing the ball a little bit better against richhill in the other compelling thing that i found his at rich hilas leaving a lot more pitches like a lot more pitches up and to the armed side so if you are a a righthanded batter which most bettors are against retail than you're seeing a lot of pitches up and away which means hill is having trouble getting pitches to be down he's having trouble getting pitches to be inside of course hill is no stranger to working up in the zone it's kind of been his thing since he came back into baseball in 2015 but he is leaving dramatically more pitches out of the zone up and away and i think that that kid lead to a further problem one those pitches are not very difficult to lay off as a hitter i think he is uh it's easier to see those and read them than it is a pitch that's coming in or that's.

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