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We are back with some questions from the nation. We're getting these questions straight from the inner circle Discord. So if you are a bankless premium subscriber, and you would like to ask either me or Ryan, but this week, Anthony, a question, go into the bank of circle inner Discord and ask it in the brand new weekly roll up question section. The first question of the week comes from poser out of the inner circle Discord asks, how does asset compare with tornado cash? How is it security model? And why did you invest in it? Because this bankless listener knows that Ryan and I invested in NASA. And since Anthony also invested in Aztec, Anthony, you want to take this question? Yeah, so the main difference between Aztec and Toyota cache is that Aztec has a much broader kind of Skopje. I stick is a privacy preserving layer two or there are actually kind of rebounded themselves lately to an encrypted L two because they're using the term encryption instead of privacy. I think it's a really great rebrand. And I think it may be due to, I guess, the stigma around privacy, which unfortunately exists. But basically tornado cash is a mixer. A very good mixer, obviously, because found that kind of prudent to sanction it because it was so good at being a mixer. Whereas Aztec wants to be an encrypted layer. We're basically you can do privacy preserving transactions at their layer two while also Tapping into a layer one Ethereum liquidity. And they have this thing called Aztec connect and they have a bunch of apps on Aztec that allow you to essentially tap into Ethereum layer one liquidity while doing a transaction on Aztec layer two, which means that your transaction is still private. So I think it's very cool. I mean, as you said, I'm an investor in it as well. Basically because they're one of the only L two teams, if not the only one focusing solely on making a privacy preserving L two, which I think is incredibly interesting and incredibly needed. I mean, my two biggest ball cases for Ethereum or my two biggest things I'm interested sorry in Ethereum are scalability and privacy. And Aztec

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