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Fat joy sent me. A text you said he will pay for the tattoo on your ass. If you're still looking at that. Thank you. Sweet singing twenty. Paying for it. A Michigan couple. Force. A flight. Because other passengers complain about their body odor. Set. Okay. Or is that not okay? They kicked him off. Yeah. Eight kids how they. Eight kids Yosi and Jenny Adler and their nineteen month old daughter were already having a tough time getting home to their eight other kids after a vacation in Miami. Tuesday night flight at Miami International cancel because the ice Detroit metro airport. So the next night Wednesday. They get on the plane and they're forced to get off the plane after complaints of their body odor. This was more than one person that smelled and it had to be the whole crew. Well, they bless about their hygiene and more about them being Jewish. I wasn't there. I don't know what happened. Your face to face with the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. I mean, that's that's tough to go. All these people on the plane hate Jewish people to where they second day. See you. They're gonna complain. They're all gonna decide that you smell to get you kicked off the couple said, they boarded the plane last sat down in their seats and were almost immediately escorted off a minute after we sat down a member of the ground crew tells us we have to plane and talk to us said Yosi Adler, I'm terrified thinking it's something with my kids at home Adler is then told other people would complain about his family's body odor. And they'd have to leave the kids were at home. So. I. If they're disturbing the whole plane disturbing it, that's that's a disturbance a smell. That's a that's a disturbance..

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