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In for a strike delegate to the bar good about the second half of the season we start to focus in a little more on some of the races in in the American League be interesting to see how the central turns out twin city Indians they're matched up this weekend twins that one's a little bit higher the shrinking the in the division as they ran into a tough stretch after June for them the game over five hundred but the Indians played really well over the last month and their that about five six games in the division one twenty five two two right now in Cleveland bottom of the eighth the one to is inside it's Wednesday coming up and we can have you got the end was saying please twins I will be there yeah that could be a playoff preview of some serious added to two outside low I think that would be the full for the eighties that they have the twins in the division series rather than ending up with let's say the red Sox win the wild card game at the red Sox in the division series that would be fun for having Houston in the first round yeah read June here we go Barnes weights here's the pair swinging a foul pushed off to the right now to play T. T. remand is the runner affirms grants them down a little bit but not a ton of red Sox trailing this one eight two two Dodgers of scored three times here the seven and the pin bush now off to the right now to play I made the number of our politics ridiculous coming next year we get three fell balls for back whatever three strikes three fireballs fell off the third one you're on yeah I mean they're more they're more foul balls the balls of clay it's crazy read to them the payoff pitch swaying in high fly ball out towards left field bedded ten be back at the wall and you can't make the play it's offers globe into stories PK Hernandez Barnes racing fraternity belly flops in and the Dodgers now lead it ninety two I'm not sure what happened out there are you took the words out of my mouth they did did he kinda cruise back they're still getting back to the wall getting set up because straight up we kinda drifted it didn't have a real committed jump on that I mean the the bald was it that high in terms of jumping easy jumper Benedetti that's a routine play for has got to be seven I don't but yeah I don't know you'll see plays like that very often but there is a little baby jump but that needs to be seven and I'm I don't know that it will be but it is called a part the Boston Red Sox here tonight a trailer nine two a little AG out to talk with boldly old and Walden and Chris Taylor is there anybody in the National League did you think realistically could give the Dodgers a hard time in the playoffs how long twelve five or seven we'll start with five five is tricky because some you know it could happen gets a random pitch well and yeah right here's the pin sway get a bouncer toward short backdated Bogart's throws across his body nice stretch by Vasquez a Taylor is out and then is the.

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