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Hi damon fareless host of hunting warhead from. Cbc podcasts in the norwegian newspaper. Vg hunting warhead follows. A global team of police and journalists says the attempt to dismantle a massive network of predators on the dark web winner of the grand prize for best investigative reporting of the new york festivals and recommended by the guardian vulture and the globe in mail. You can find hunting warhead on. Cbc listen or wherever you get your podcasts. This is a cbc podcast. People in british columbia are just coming out of a harrowing heatwave for days temperatures were in the forties. Heat that high and for that long goes beyond uncomfortable really concerned of the heat because it was going to be over forty degrees and her apartment in richmond is really hot so we decided to bring her here and my brother to spend the day to kind of shelter the heat and i guess the he even in my apartment was too much.

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