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Particular so it's like what is this really all about and he mentioned his wife did not like the trans jokes but he's still followed through and did them and then he made this very off-base asian joke and you know it just seemed intentionally obtuse just has to hearken back to say oh. I talked to my gay friends for example. I talked to my gay friends and none of them had dollhouse. You know hit above their head. It just seemed like i said intentionally obtuse. It's like david you know what you're doing. I don't think that he is. I don't think there's a joke within the joke right. I don't think that this is like smart comedy. If you know what i would actually say the worst thing i can say about this special is that it's exactly what you expect from a past as prime comedian ah note for note and he was so specifically exciting and the comedian at one point so for him to be such a cliche of who that person would become fifteen years after there is super disappointing. It is because it's particularly when he was defending louis c._k. Right and we've heard the new louis c. k. standups of it. It's it's been basically louis c. K. stand up right yeah. It's defending yourself against accusations attacks entering yourself. Yes who aren't interested in ed. It's interesting that he opens up with two quotes on the screen one from kendrick lamar and it says pulitzer prize winner and then one from <hes> jay z. <hes> billionaire and it's it's just his insistence of i'm rich now of course he's acquainting <hes> his friendship with louis c. k. Hey kevin hart so like things. He actually wants to protect now. That's where he is now. He's really coming around the position of on rich billionaire. Stop being mean to my billionaire air france. Thank you yeah. It was very talented that the audience like collapsed when he brought kevin love yeah no shade but if you think kevin hart is the funniest person ever right now. I have even more question yeah i mean the joke is the only one that i kind of chuckled dead how he mentioned that kevin refused to apologize and then went on this press tour for the next six weeks from everything from a._m. To d._m. To down with robin roberts to apologize that was the only thing that i kinda was like you know but everything else just made me uncomfortable especially in particular the molestation jokes. I didn't know oh you know he did say <hes> he was talking about being poor as a kid and he said he asked his dad for three dollars and he didn't have it nicos dead. How are we alive but that was kind of funny yeah and the thermostat thermostat turned up to thirty six degrees and things but like you said lewis it it. It's the delivery a lot of the time caress intro and the a delivery to the jussie smollet stuff wedding that was funny but then once again the array of black queer people when he said the the games were like why are you also silent about defending jesse small let <hes> it was because black people knew that he was lying about that shit. I saw every black person. I know posting about it. I didn't even see <hes> aside from queer people you thought jesse passed away the way my <hes> twitter timeline on an instagram time-line memory actress every actor was posting their selfish with him and sending them their well wishes so it was in particular black men because i believe that it was steve harvey survey who made a video totally erasing you know i think the accusations were that these men that attacked jesse were being homophobic and raises..

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