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Triggered launch it will take twelve hours for all the world's nuclear weapons to be detonated. Dial arm flattening in a moment. What had taken centuries to build god your hand in the decision about to make the control group civil defence available now on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you find your favorite shows. I mentioned this earlier in the show. Well i've been mentioning this for years. That i wanted the nfl nfl films to go back and tabulate all the sacks from the players who played prior to one thousand nine hundred eighty two when sacks became an official stat well pro football reference did and from nineteen sixty four to nineteen. Sixty-nine deacon jones led the nfl and sacks five times a total of one hundred and fifteen and a half sacks in in that time period. And i wanted to know how. Many times it quarterbacks drop back in pass so the the ratio to dropbacks. It's gotta be completely different than what you have. Now you're dropping back thirty forty times. A game deacon jones average. One sack twenty three times. The opposing quarterback dropped back to pass by comparison. Michael stray hands record season in two thousand one where he had twenty two and a half sacks he averaged one sack every twenty five times. Quarterbacks dropped back to pass so unofficially. Deacon jones six season run was better than the best officials single season sack record of another comparison. Tj watt led the nfl with fifteen sacks last year. One sack every thirty eight times. A quarterback dropped back to pass now these are unofficial stats. But at least they have tabulated. Some of these got him. Up to date with deacon jones. Jack youngblood there are a lot of great balan page. Lot of great pass rushers and i think that they were kind of Held to a different standard or we forgot about them. And you had you had the opportunity to be able to go back and tabulate these sack totals and they should be up to date because you can't say nineteen eighty two is when officially started. It shouldn't be russell. Wilson junior the third. We talked to him yesterday after the show and he joined us courtesy of bows. And here's how we started the interview. Okay february ninth. You join us after the super bowl. I'm watching the super bowl. And i thought you looked miserable and then i realize you're probably going wait a minute. Why am i not playing in a super bowl. Then we had the interview a couple of days later february ninth when you hung up the phone with me that day. What was the rest of the day. Like the reaction to what you said. All the rest of the day you know started off with. I had all the man of the year interviewed the model. We had you know an interview with you. And then i thought set that up and all that and and then the rest of they got interested. I would say the next the next day..

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