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The accountability does fall on validating black america and saying there's been a biblical level of in humane systematic slights to are african american citizens and frankly from my perspective it would be an honor in should be an honor to every single white person that has the ability to say. You know what this really did happen. I didn't intend for it to happen. I wish it didn't happen. But i have the tools to help try and steered in the right direction and the great thing i can say about. The united states of america is we are still the country that can address this in my world travel as a as a public speaker and international public speaker racism. Racism against black people is a global problem. it's a very it's a humanitarian problem. It's just not an american problem. But here in america i think we can really begin to start to take even bigger steps into looking at ourselves. Just like jennifer said earlier. It's an inside job in a were. We're sort of inside this egg so to speak if i'm understanding that that that rationale to some degree but it's like we have the potential to really work at how human beings looking. I sincerely believe that we have a chance in this country to address what truly is a global situation a global experience and that is profound systematic racism against people of color mostly black people in the united states having having lived in a mixed race family mixed race communities and having seen how cohabitation and in cooperation canidu- exist. I think only in america. And that's why i hope so. Strongly that the progressive liberal side will continue to have at least some power. Is that only i think in america. Can we really experiment with holding ourselves accountable. And when i say that it's like it's not a shameful thing to be a white person in feel guilt. I think it's i think it's a great thing i think it's progressive and powerful thing to say. Yeah shit happens. People get advantages and other people have disadvantages and when he can recognize him and try to even the score. that's wonderful. i'm a person of of privilege for sure. I'm also jewish. And i've experienced a lot of antisemitism. When i was growing up in boston but i can't relate to it to that level i mean we've had some violence against us for being jewish so i just think it's the time to to talk about it and to actually make an effort to to reach across and to just say look this happened. It's not enough to say look Everybody owns slaves. And that's just how it was then. That's not that's not an answer for a country. It's actually wrong. It's wrong and needs to be in needs to be it's express and dealt with. It's a horrible horrible thing. It's columbus day. Today go back and look at you know. Columbus was a human being but he was also an abuser and he was also rapist and he was also a lot of other things. it's still columbus day but this is wrong. You have to come out and call it out. What you're saying is that there are things that can be done. But i you have to be accountable even though you may not have done anything specifically not doing something is the accountability. Not speaking up or not. Bring up these conversations right yeah. I think that there's some genuine hope in trying to embrace the amends process..

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