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That's why a guy like you the interested in that and wants to understand that very important to read because we. There's a lot of times we do these interviews, and you get the the show sheet, and you don't read the book. But this is what I'm going to read. 'cause I'm very curious about your argument. Here's what here's what will be good for you. And what I have found is a lot of people want attack accused throw mud, slinging stuff. But they never read the book, and what we do need is we need to just really calm down and realize where we are with science and observation state have people like yourself where people listened to and one thing I'll give a lot of people credit who have read the book dialogue has been very open. And it's going to be skeptic on both sides encourage you to read the book there enough that that's why the website brainwashed book dot com is there for the science papers are there because nobody goes and read the science papers, you know, and those are really what you need to redone understand, especially when you see what they say in them the cautions. That are giving them all of the information. That helps you understand where the research really is for sweating. Can see in the headlines. So we wanted that available. That's really my goal was to get people to information. Go ahead and be skeptical. You should be. That's why the more we ask more open minded. We are questions early understand that the better off. We're going to be with the choices that we might we make once again the name of the buck. Brainwashed the bad science buying CT and the plot to destroy football marrow Hodges with us on CBS sports radio. This is Zach yelp show getting back to that study that said hundred ten one hundred eleven NFL players that they examine we're diagnosis CT once they were able to study the brain you call it a flaw study in the book, you also say, you're not a CTE denier, but a bad science denier, and we talked a little bit about the science once again when I look at just that headline, and you clearly have researched this so you should have an answer for it. How is the one ten out of one eleven not a major concern? Even if you have a problem with how the study did come about. Well, I'll use one particular thing, that's very very important. When you look at any statistics, what they put up there the hundred eleven if you know statistics that is what we call the numerator. Injured. But people think that's the total number which is the denominator that's twenty seven thousand. So there's really twenty seven thousand former NFL players for every one case of see there's a hundred cases where they didn't even look at the brain. So when you look at something that just had issues that is a bias approach, and you can't draw conclusions off of it. Go back to what I said earlier over got a great number though, one ten out of one eleven if they just look that does one hundred eleven brains from the NFL. Say that again, isn't that still a big number for me? I see that. And I go that's still a major concern. It's a big number for what? To have concern about CT, and we want to get more questions about this answered. Couldn't agree with you more. You gotta get more. You gotta get you. Gotta get more. Two hundred eleven hundred eleven though retired players. There's twenty seven thousand of us if you're not one hundred and eleven so it's really a hundred and ten out of twenty seven thousand potential brains. But you only. Dead though, right to fight against C. You cannot test the brain until the players dead to find out if they have CT right now. They have not been able to discover it correct? The Super Bowl this past year. Dr vermin Salman Woolcott think that they could be that could happen..

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