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Just, you know, just out of because they're great fans, and, uh, shot, of course, is a lawyer and Richard Burke. He writes music. You know, just private citizens very interested in and the Negro leagues and so association was founded and and It's now we're trying to help all the you know the members. You know, the guys who used to play I guess the name big I guess maybe 152 100. Still alive and all of around 65 70 80 90 years old. And, uh, so, uh, have become the president trying to help out a little bit. You know, get a little publicity and raise some money for them. We're doing pretty good job. We also receiving a lot of help from, uh from bat. That's the baseball assistance team. That's headed by Ralph Bracken. Joe Garagiola. They'd give a lot of help, and they've helped a lot of the players to I'm talking about, you know, players who, uh, didn't have not, You know, they didn't have any health care Some of the guys who never made very much money. They need some help. So They're being helped. And we hope to give him some more help by all the things that is being done, and Bob, let me just say this. Yes, sir. By your you know, Pitching in and helping, and he'll, of course, Todd he's been doing, you know, helping for so many years Now, this all gives the fellows and the league of some publicity..

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