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Is going to be set aside for ongoing legal pursuits by the families of victims of the September 11th 2001 attacks who years ago got a court case favored in their decision that essentially made the Al-Qaeda an elements of Afghan society liable for what happened in those attacks The Chicago auto show goes electric As an electric Ford F one 50 lightning peels out Chevy is showing off its electric Silverado nearby Ford's entry goes on sale in the spring marketing chief Jason Turnbull wants people to understand EVs A lot of people have the fear of unknown Driven an AV our goal is to make this transition as seamless as possible The electric Chevy pickup goes on sale next year and electric ram to follow Jeff Gilbert CBS News Chicago On top Russian figure skater tested positive for a band substance in December So will she be able to continue to compete in Beijing Our is there Russian authorities say Camila volleyball should be allowed to compete while the investigation is underway that she should not be provisionally suspended But the International Olympic Committee feels just the opposite they say since she tested positive in December for this banned substance she should not be allowed to compete right now Also in Beijing Sean white's Olympic snowboarding career has ended the three time Olympic halfpipe champ had to settle for a fourth place finish falling on his final attempt Markets are on a downward spiral this afternoon The Dow is down 456 points This is CBS News Never miss a moment top news from WTO 24/7 360 five Listen on air on Alexa and on the WTO.

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