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Japan, Bret Hart, Steve Austin discussed on The Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast


Yeah that's what i thought about that i know when look like well after aj shinsegei left new japan and there was kind of a whole and finn valor wiscon i remember doing a show with you and we're talking about kenny omega and frozen cons of whether he would rise to this level bring yourself back to that moment and then look at where he is now is this the most likely path in him reaching a peak that you thought was likely or does this kind of blow your way at how successful he has been at getting to this point and where people aren't i don't think people look at new japan domestically or in japan and go well mega he's a good fill in good be plan or anything like that i mean he's just taken this spot it's like bret hart left and then there was steve austin you know it was like okay this is really were michaels left for injury and austin araca great no one was thinking while they're good films talk about magazines rise and where he is now compared to where you thought he would be when originally kinda looking at him as the guy who might need to step up the i mean i think i think i'll make at this point is bigger than silence was when he left on the he's really he's really gone no for very very very well i mean i was an advocate of of of elevating omega and that was you know the that was basically the the way i framed what they did afternoon after styles and nakimora laughed was you know new japan had a good sense of who to try to elevate and you don't know how it's gonna work out but you could see them already moving to try to elevate the right people you know they brought back minorities zucchini and immediately put him in a prominent position they started to elevate shibata who you know i think you know sally would have you know really really been able to do some special stuff over the last or last year or so but unfortunately had had his clear likely ended after just a classic match last year with okada and an omai.

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