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Saw a video appointed oma fantastic cable show that everyone should watch because i i find these little clips around where a person was asking all these college students about socialism and they were all four it and then when they were asked will you know how does that really work they had no idea they just knew we had to be good why not my point how what i'm wondering honestly we don't portugal go anywhere on on the topic for another goal but i really wanted are giving real now what a no he you know you've got to college he then a little question like i don't know who would like hungary and he invited paul right now currently and they don't have a clue dinah agri light go ask them who the who the now go ask them who the city that is the capital of the united states is named after an a large percentage can't tell you which is why i have my issue with the taking down of confederate monuments when a huge number of the people in the united states cannot tell you the two sides that fall the civil war how in the world do they know who's on that horse they had the people that are calling take it down hold up without you got it probably fake hope tree had match it here pell i think we need to stop allowing the death non profit and our public oil pol pot are awful you got it thanks jennifer have a great weekend oh i can we we could assume was plug yes you have a tv show yes all of the jet as eu make mr megahy stutter i'm gonna go to al wait wait i'm going to give all your tongue lashing way back when his tv show so thursday nights at nine o'clock on the alabama i'm a cable network oca which is owned a spectrum that used to be charter anywhere now bounce that one little town if you have it you can see a thursday nights at 9 o'clock general eighty and we go to al there were gonna take a break and then we're gonna have over the land calls the highly esteemed highly multiple award winning host have made their way into the they just drag and when they can they think they're like on fox news.

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