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Recount got off to a rocky start last night. Well before the first votes began to be re tallied, the three Republicans and three Democrats on the Wisconsin Elections Commission clashed repeatedly in a virtual meeting as they tried to establish guidelines spelling out how clerk should conduct a recount amid the pandemic. President Trump's south the recount after he lost the state by about 20,000 votes. Projected President elect Joe Biden. The campaign wired about $3 million to fund the partial recount. The recount is set to begin tomorrow and has to be finished by December, 1st in time for the state to certify the results and George Election officials expect to release a report today on a hand tally of the presidential race, and they've repeatedly said they expected to affirm Biden's narrow lead over Trump. Hand tally of about five million votes. Tim from an audit required by a new state law during the recount about 3000 uncounted ballots turned up the votes must be certified by Friday. Questions continue to swirl around whether South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham tried to get Georgia secretary of State to throw out vast numbers of legally cast null ballots. Brad Raffles Burger, the Republican secretary of state claims Graham came close to doing this in a call with him last week. He claims. Graham asked whether he had the power to throw out all mail ballots and counties where they're relatively high rates of rejection of mail ballots because of their signatures were not matching voters signatures on file. Graham has disputed these allegations and claims Robin's Burger misinterpreted The call and an Alan Financial advisor is charged with murder and an alleged plot to steal money from a client. Jolene DeVito with Carrollton Police says 48 year old Keith Ashley is accused of killing 62 year old Jim Siegen and his Carrollton home and staging the scene as a suicide. Ashley was arrested after complex nine months long investigation. I'm the W B A P news desk. I Nicolo say your next update is at 6 24 7 coverage and w b a p dot com.

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