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This is the real aliya and you're listening to the before the it's pat cash episode fifty eight to be the master architect of your life are you ready to design your business and invest the needs that create the lifestyle you've always dreamt up to are you ready to learn from entrepreneurs and millionaires who have achieved a certain level of success hey this is derek location independent entrepreneur and you're listening to the before the millions podcasts i am gina lofton i am an investor and you're listening to the before the millions podcast hey there my name is heather haven would marketing coach and global entrepreneur and you are listening to the before the millions podcasts hey this is marcus crispy host of the seven minute mental podcast global entrepeneurship all round geek and you listen to the befall the millions podcasts i am mc laubscher the cash linenger and you're listening to before the millions bought cost you're listening to the before the millions fund cast a whether you're looking to invest where cash flow all building online business that allows you to be location independent you come to the right please mr hollywood himself presents the be four the millions podcast and now your host d'auray hey what's up what's going on be tried or back for another week another installment of the before the millions podcasts and i'm excited for today show is this is one of those mindset one of those limiting beliefs show to where we're not so much talking about real estate or more still talking about v person you have to be to become a successful rosset investor to become successful in any field of human endeavor it's one of those episodes to where we're gonna die in to the inner workings of our mind and figure out how to set ourselves up best for success on today show we have mr reggie brooks and ready the veteran in the game i mean he's he's i think he just had it seventy birthday and he's been working on his mindset every single day for the past forty plus years so it's one of those things to where you're never actually going to get to a.

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