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After the next Census Governor Mike DeWine says he is looking at options of mobilizing Ohio's National Guard soldiers now to drive school buses. He spoke about the shortage of bus drivers. That's not just affecting Ohio but the entire country, he says. They have been deployed before throughout the pandemic. Just this week, the Massachusetts governor activated over 250 members of his state's National Guard to drive school transport vans. The U. S Capital is once again surrounded by some tall, sturdy security fences. It was ordered as a precaution ahead of a big protest planned there Saturday in the courtroom today, George Billy Wagner, the third made an appearance for a hearing in the rodent family murder trial is facing 22 charges that include aggravated murder, aggravated burglary and tampering with evidence in the 2016 killings of eight people. This follows his wife, Angela, and one of his sons, Jake, who are both pled guilty to several charges. In the case. The city of Worthington is enacting an indoor face mask mandates starting today. Worthington City Council approved the mandate this week, saying face coverings are now required in all publicly accessible indoor locations. Meanwhile, if you head over to Kroger, they're updating their mask policy for their employees once again, requiring all employees to wear a face covering in the store, regardless of their vaccination status. The CDC hurt the nation's response to the pandemic. That is, according to a former FDA commissioner, Dr Scott Gottlieb, who makes that argument in a new book, coming out next week, called Uncontrollable Spread. And Americans did not let concerns about the spread of the delta variant keep them from digging into their wallets. Economists anticipated that the Delta variant coupled with crimson, the supply chain would keep consumers out of the shopping malls and away from the online retailers. They were surprised as anyone else to see August retail sales Rise 7/10 of 1%. The Dow Jones prediction was for a decline of 8/10 home furnishing saw the biggest increase. News radio 6 10 W T V N Sports Buckeye Football, updated service in mid state basement systems and clouds roofing today, the last on field practice for the Buckeyes.

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