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You know there was more to that them let's take a movie with a horrible in and it really is actually have a good kick me up story in the morning alex built a story in any just wrap it everybody feel bad is poor man who is doing nothing but driving none killed because people stink right exactly and bridgeport connecticut and it can't enough about bridgeport connecticut okay teens stabbed a party mansion in newport rhode island research that seventeen this is a happy story john good briefest seventy year old boy was stabbed multiple times and free people were charged in connection with an out of control party at a new route ten kids love them the newport daily news reports that the on on on authorized party friday night at king's scott scott to as many as fifty teenagers appointment team was stabbed early saudi in the back between israel and above his left hip when he tried to break up a fight off he's and he he was in stable condition sunday the two boys charged in connection with the stabbing they face arraignment yesterday police in an eighteen year old drawn to various host of the party he charged with providing our called for minors he is a minor yeah i know he told sean interrupting dude kinda funny that alex i apologize to john back to you kind of funny the 18yearold news arrested for providing alcohol the miners and he is a minor i know you said that so did you what is going on buddy he told police he knew the estates' caretakers were out of town throw heat it so is that i know where they say mom and dad states caretakers three it he three invited some friends over its dark if he has a lawyer these are two stores now this is end abruptly the and weird he end of story is not clear if you've got a lawyer that's it back you guys in the studio a arrested for indecent assault which are job on ford empty a plus.

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