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I have literally really just come to terms with like closely. Why Earth is going to Shit Gore in office? People actually have the power to do something to prevent any further damage from happening. Don't give us and they don't even believe they care about is the funny where if the if the whole world explodes is not going to be worth anything and then on top of that I remember when I was younger than the Church and religious I'm still religious and stuff but I remember they were talking about you know at the time of the rapture and thing that there's GonNa be a chip in all the different things tracking uh we carry this phone around the has no that we are all on the time literally so I can hack. I hate to get morbid but just think about it. If somebody was trying to do a hit on you and they could get into your phone and figure out where you are right now you're in your back pocket. We Tale you where we add on social. Which is why you should not answer story when I answer story that's a lie? I used to try when I as the story to try and location not post it while you're there because you never know when you're at entertainer in the point is to get people to come there in real time. That's another thing well no no and the irony is oh. You're totally right and also to the funny thing is the thing so I watch way too much James Bond in in those types of things. They don't need to put it head on. You need to blow up your phone fax. You take the note. Is You take your thank you literally so funny I was in a screening the other day and it was a confidential screening so they locked up our phone so they put our phone like in this little pouch they lock it up and they give the phone back to you. I am not a millennial and I mean this not as an insult but literally I lasted ten minutes. I was literally like Oh can I fucking break into this pouch like literally sitting there for ten ten minutes like because the movie wasn't engaging like what the fuck am I gonNa do and that day we used to know we denote completely we used to date and also to this is also true and this is worth actually tricky. It's twofold a we actually used to be more present isn't until we actually use to read more and we actually we used to poor. We used to basically fill our brain with things that actually had more legs and more substance so it allowed us more things to actually talk about that had layers. That's the first part the second second part and this is going to be unpopular this thing of instagram and facebook where you have a thousand two thousand however many thousand friends.

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