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With Jubal phone taps. Weekday mornings on the twenties on ninety two point five. Shine. It's. Fans. A swear. Movin ninety two point five new music. I. Break up with your girlfriend on board. Featuring five seconds of summer. Cody. Lead. Seattle's number one hit music station new music. I ninety two point five if you wear glasses or contacts imagine never having to pick up your glasses in the morning again or never having to wash after contact lenses are waking up with them in with your is all dry and hurting. That's right. You can with sharp vision modern lay sick. I chose Dr sharp because Dr sharp has performed over sixty five thousand laser procedures. And it's amazing you go and get a free consultation to tell you if you can do it. And then you get the procedure done. It lasts a few minutes, and then you can see instantly right away with no glasses no contact lenses. It will literally change your life. And for a limited time get a thousand dollars off all laser Lasix of hall or go online to schedule your free consultation. That's sharp vision. Modern Lasix believing is seeing our children, we do everything we can to give them the tools to succeed. Whether they're struggling in school be more of a challenge or prepping to get into college why hire a tutor when you can hire an entire team of educators at Sylvan learning centers founded here in the Pacific northwest Sylvan, celebrating forty. Years of students. Success water local parents saying about their neighborhoods Sylvan, the dedication of the teachers is just phenomenal Sylvan is my choice anytime every time. You cannot go wrong. The best part about Sylvan as people that work there, totally loved their jobs, and they're very good. What they do..

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