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Dot oakwood tired dot com and just come right on down here to 31 20 right across the South Hall Middle school in the back into the Johnson house. Go on Atlanta highway. And if you're thinking of saying your wife down there with a car and you think you have some time off, call ahead and tell her to delay her. Otherwise she shows up. You haven't got anything done, and it's a rough weekend. I'm just telling you Just kind of hard to make. That makes the blood flow when she won't back reminds me the end of the cat in the hat, But I don't have a cat to pick things up. All right. Might have a great day, my friend 22 minutes after eight you, do you Forecast showing more rain coming our way later today, we'll get to that in traffic after headlines Here's BJ and the Access Wdun Hardy Chevrolet newsroom Thanks very much Bill Sentencing at 10 this morning for De Marvin Bennet, the man convicted Friday in the 2019 murder of Gainesville businessman Jack Huff. And today's also the day state vaccination sites will start distributing the one dose Johnson and Johnson covert vaccine You confined details and access Wi you win and coming up on North, gorgeous news tone. We've got a number of accidents around the area right now. This traffic report sponsored by Travis Riley roofing, There's a couple in Hall County one on Highway 3 65. South bound your Belt in Bridge Road, another one on Atlanta Highway, the 9 85 interchange. Both of those appear to be off on the side. There's a record Gwinnett County on view for Dr at Calvin Davis Circle that's causing North bound delays approaching Ridge Road. Also in Forsyth County. We have one on Georgia 400 South Down and Martin Road and in Dawson County. We had a vehicle versus a deer on highway 1 36 it Burt Creek Road from the Access W D win. Hayes GMC Cadillac Traffic Center. I'm Caleb Hutchins. Is your roof getting older? Do you have storm damage? Call the hometown guys. Travis Riley. Roofing 7062669386 works.

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