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What I thought. I think Cassim is doing a good job. Initially, he's done several interviews where he has addressed the corruption claims. He has said he was asleep on the job on that and that the first thing he's going to do if he's reelected is get to the bottom of that. So he's saying the right things. And that picture of him standing in the middle of the expressway when the Michael Brown protests were going on, basically saying to the crowd, if you get in the street were going to arrest you so back up. You know that picture. You know what's the old saying? A picture is worth 1000 words. And that is a very powerful picture for the people of Atlanta. Yeah, I hope he does. I like the other, The more the police some more than her name. Felicia Moore's You're supposed to be tough on crime. And you know if you went for these little hipster millennials in midtown, that no one vote for Republican and then there's you remember Mayor races are won by 600 votes. It's not a lot. Yes, very close to or Giuliani finding out a lead to New York City after years of Dinkins all these all these corrupt and inefficient and crime, some point, even even even the millennials will snowflakes get tired of it right. If you get their little Prius broken into a couple times, and then they may vote for law and order, Mayor Yeah, I tell you, Mary Norwood only lost by a very small amount, and you know, she would have been much tougher on crime. Then then Keisha bottoms was and you know, I just it's It's disappointing to me as someone who grew up in Atlanta. I know you lived in Atlanta and still have a play, you know, still live there part time and it's It's sad. It's very sad because Atlanta is a great city, and it needs to be a great city again. A lot of people moving out on my friends to move the suburbs while people had it right with the taxes. 6% Income Tax Florida zero, Tennessee zero I'm not really sure what we get for 6% of our paycheck and pay to the Gold dome in Florida sitting there zero and run above US Tennis Season zero. So you know even the Republicans, the rhinos who control the house. They need to really evaluate themselves and how efficient they really are. With all the money, they get coming in there, because it's not a great business model. It's expensive. The roads aren't grade schools aren't great. There's a lot of things that could be improved. In Atlanta and certainly in Georgia, and they Republicans need to be Republican. They need equipment is, you know kind of weak spined rhinos that they get so nervous about every little thing step up and do some things. Ron Heart. You can go to Ronald. Heart calm and see his columns. But also there in a number of publications around the country. Thanks, Ron for being with us today. Thanks, Martha. Thank you. We're going to take a break right now. When we come back, lots more to come right here on the Martha Zoller show. We'll talk more about the voting rights bill that was not voted down yesterday. It's going back for Um, it didn't get through closure. Now. Today, Senator Assef and Senator Warnock are going to introduce an amendment to that. We'll talk about that next and see what it means for you. Sure. You know you can give us a call at 77535 to.

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