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To me. So that's down say question very much very much did. Do you remember when you realized an being an author was a occupation. You could pursue. Does it does does that. Is that a memory for you. Okay so i started like all children of immigrants. Do i found. I was under the impression that i needed to be either a doctor or a lawyer. Or an accom- something stable. Nick and i actually did four years of science. I was in a classroom classroom with a teacher was talking about funky and Shows actually talking about how. I even remember what the teacher's talking about. She was saying how if she had had a daughter she would have called her. My celia my cer these. I don't know if you know the the fungal out of filaments that before they become. Yeah so i was like hang often tablets. But i remember going home that day in saying and i didn't even tell anyone i was like i can't do this anymore. I'd rather i'd wanna jumping From a bridge. So i went home and it changed my A major and when i did my my grades hiked up. No office and i was interested in What i could do but to be an author at this decision difference between being an author and a writer and donate five compromised or five reconcile myself to being an author. Because i find that being an author is demand so much more from a person than being a writer because being a writer you can be in your head but to be an author you have to engage with the audience you have to create a persona off yourself the writer and in a way you have to market yourself as well as your book and a lot of. Eleanor guarantees french french to mongolia. So in that in that book she says she she was. She was very protective of her of identity until somebody actually found out who she was and she says that i am not my book. Is the thing on sale me. So she didn't see any reason why she should be known but unfortunately for us right is especially writers of a young adult. We are expected to be as A sellable as all books. It's a part of you know that's the way it goes so you can't really fight against that. I didn't know all of that and honestly being a writer Being an author was a pipedream for very long time. Because as i said the industry wasn't very fair to us you didn't see people like you. I didn't see people like me writing. So i didn't think that i could go ahead. And and and entertain dreams pipedreams off being an or being an author thing that came after. I.

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