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Also want to thank the parent who alerted the school the safety and security of our students and staff is always our highest priority at this point investigators have not said what charges that student faces now in the meantime the district wants to encourage all students and staff if they ever hear or see anything potentially dangerous the goal I had reported anonymously on the safety Tel tip line box thirty ones Kristin how brick reporting Colorado parks wildlife wants to remind all Coloradans that it's never a good idea to pick up a wild animal even if it's injured the warning came after a Colorado springs woman picked up a wounded bobcat placed it in the back of her S. U. V. just behind a child in a car seat the animal was so severely injured didn't react however CPW says the animal was unrestrained and could have done serious damage if it regains consciousness Colorado's high school activities association or Chaska says it's time to level up its new video game program Chaska says organizing ranking and scheduling weekly matches for the pilot you sports program could be difficult and time consuming so it's hiring an outside company to do it that would be thousands and thousands of dollars invested in the internal structure when we already have a national partner dad is the experts in that Chaska commissioner Rhonda Blanford green says it was a no brainer to bring play versus end because they've already worked with other states the sports programs Conor Shreve K. away news highlighting food and wine from the southern hemisphere at the taste of the veil fall classic this weekend it means offerings from Argentina New Zealand and Brazil we are having a Brazilian band com which is the kingdom and they're from Denver but the Brazilian based band which were really excited about the fun kicks off tonight at various restaurants around fail then tomorrow night it's the grand tasting at the Gerald for. amphitheater all the info and tickets still available it taste a veil dot com you go up there and enjoy some of the I think so and there's you know it's funny people are asking me Hey of the leaves changed up there yeah there every weekend they really have not have not you need and the guys we talked about Monday's first day of fall I can't believe that it's already here she might be changing like who's your who's your past area and really high but not not where I thought we were going Risco and I can place the full time to get up there seven thirty seven here on Colorado's morning news a little money news and sports of the brokers prepare for the Packers it's coming.

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