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The magnitude 6 on the meteorological scale the JM a is saying no tsunami threat Interestingly they did pick up an early warning on it minutes before it struck out We got it here as well at Bloomberg No reports of injury or damage to this point and the nuclear power plants are operating normally Hong Kong court finding media tycoon Jimmy lai guilty and his role for unauthorized vigil last year for victims of the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown adding to mounting convictions UK prime minister Boris Johnson says oma cron is changing the restriction landscape Johnson calls a plan B says the rapid spread now is causing him to rethink work and Christmas as of Monday he's asking people to work at home if at all possible He also says mask mandates will go back on indoors and will also make the NHS COVID pass mandatory for entry into nightclubs and venues where large crowds gather including unseated indoor venues with more than unseated outdoor venues with more than 4000 people And any venue with more than 10,000 people Now he apologizes for the quick turn but says the variant has to be stopped Meanwhile Pfizer and BioNTech say their first research very positive Pfizer CEO Albert burla on Bloomberg's balance of power says three doses work on like the first bit on the others up to 95% efficacy They are having a very very big drop dramatic drop of neutralization type that's only the two doses This doesn't mean that we won't see it Because there are other elements of the immune system that we haven't measured He says at this point the key is in slowing oh Macron burr also says oma Kahn specific vaccine may be available in the first quarter of next year And the WHO executive director is issuing a cautious warning about all of this news Bloomberg's Emma O'Brien has it And I think that's coming from a place of they're worried that if you do get all this attention on boosters and then being seen as the magic bullet to move beyond this new variant that you will have be prolonging the situation in the developing world where some places have barely any access to vaccines at all So this brings back to the discussions about vaccine equity WHO says oh Macron has to be stopped globally U.S. Senate has voted a block the Biden vaccine mandate for companies Manchin and tester joined the GOP block vote It is likely to die in the house And The White House has already said that the president will veto it in any event if it gets to him A U.S. House has passed its human rights legislation with actions to punish China regarding its handling of the Uighurs Assistant U.S. Secretary of Defense Eli ratner is told the Senate committee that U.S. is helping to bolster Taiwan's defense and it is an urgent task now He says this as a China engages and destabilizing international and provocative actions U.S. says the situation at the Russian Ukraine border is totally in Vladimir Putin's court right now President Joe Biden says Putin understands potential economic consequences Economic consequences.

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