Brandon Copeland, Tampa Bay, Patriots discussed on CBS Sports Radio


Mark Shapiro told reporters on Sunday that Major League Baseball hopes to have an agreement with the Players Association in the next two days on a number of elements regarding either shortened or canceled Caesar a pyro said any season with eight four weeks of preparation opening day is already been postponed until at least mid may because of the corona virus pandemic provoke ball the patriots are reportedly agreed to terms on a one year deal with quarterback Brian Hoyer whose release by the colts on Saturday Jim McBride of The Boston Globe join Jody McDonald here at CBS sports radio and shared his thoughts on Hoyer the cold side Philip rivers you know a lot of people around here we're thinking that you know reunion with lawyer or maybe even Jacoby percent was a possibility I think the horrible exactly he's got he's got great knowledge of the thought that he knows that locker room you know with the coaching staff so he'll come in and help you know if not compete for the starting job to always be a great sounding board for Jarrett Stidham this'll be horrors third tour of duty with the patriots in the past also reportedly agreed to terms with former jets linebacker Brandon Copeland of course former patriots quarterback Tom Brady signed a two year deal with the box on Friday what I would say that from the Tampa Bay times during journey back here at CBS sports radio and was asked what Brady was looking for in a new team I think you're pretty well known that you know how with the maybe a little bit frustrated with some of the the weapons that he had a disposal towards the end there in New England and it is backed up he wanted to have them some stadiums in in what was going on in terms of of the play calling and and and the offense and I think he was able to to get that that promise.

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