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Transient state lots of retirees and moved in immigrants from other parts of the country and so you have a lot of younger and potential first time voters here makes it difficult to organize in late campaigning in south bend mayor Pete Wilder judge wanted to focus on Donald Trump after his impeachment acquittal by the Senate we are the jury now with the verdict is up to us on this president and senator Bernie Sanders offered his own verdict we cannot continue to have a pathological liar as president senator Sanders confirms he was told by U. S. intelligence on his campaign was getting help from Russia not after reports that members of Congress were told the same thing about president trump's campaign Mr trump's reaction it's disinformation and responding to that former vice president Joe Biden wait talks about why would Vladimir Putin get involved in our election give me a break you can't be that stupid overseas China sending seven cruise ships to house medical workers in Wuhan center of the corona virus epidemic this at a time when safety on cruise ships is under scrutiny after hundreds of passengers on board the diamond princess in Japan were infected reporter Sabrina Cupid the U. S. government is already evacuated hundreds of American citizens from China but Ian Brownlee with the state department says repatriation flights do not reflect our standard practice and should not be relied upon as an option for U. S. citizens and the potential risk of quarantine by local authorities Brownlee says before getting on a plane or cruise ship American should check for any travel advisories or warnings concerning coronavirus Sabrina Cupid for CBS news Atlanta and flood soaked south even though flood waters from the rain swollen Pearl River inundated his home in Mississippi's capital city of Jackson Daniel Colton is grateful for one thing the last day we had a shower so I can relate no complaining called my label don't have animation smelly murky floodwaters swamped thousands of homes and businesses across much of central Mississippi Jim chrysalis CBS news the mother of two missing children is being held on high bail in Hawaii CBS news has just learned more from investigators about what led up to Laurie bellows arrest her financial records reveal not a penny has been spent on childcare since they disappeared in September prescriptions for JJ's aunt is a medication I've also gone unfilled Laurie velo is.

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