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Trying to read how he got caught no time for that. Right now, what is going on in the world of news. Big murder. Case opens today in Butler county. This is one that's Bantus Pated for a while and involves the death of a three year old girl and her babysitter in Butler Kelly specifically in Hanover township the case happened well over a year ago six year old Lindsey pardons charged with involuntary manslaughter child endangering in the death of Hannah west you may recall this case, she was babysitting. The child apparently at least according to the prosecutors when she became upset that the three year old dumped ketchup in the toilet. And that point they say that the baby the young child was beaten badly abused for doing that. I guess it took a couple of days for all of the symptoms to show from the beating. And there was a very emotional nine one one call that was played at the time that I'm sure we'll be part of the testimony in this case. It sounds like the defense is going to talk about. Her own mental capacity and thirty six year old Lindsey pardoned issues that she may have as an adult why she was entrusted in the care of this child. I guess another question, but it all starts to play out this afternoon in Butler county court with jury selection. Okay. Coming up our news at five thirty. We'll talk about the basketball from yesterday and the day before and how the final four looks a lot different than it has in your past some of the the true. Blue bloods, college basketball be watching this year Duke, Kentucky's more than fifteen minutes NewsRadio. All right. Five seventeen right now. Seven hundred wwl w yeah. Kentucky being gone to feel bad for my bluegrass friends. My favorite Kentucky games probably twenty years ago. This was a Kentucky somehow is set the Kentucky was gonna play you d and flyer. So so my flyer buddies got together the game was at riverfront Colosseum at the time. Now US Bank arena. Well, no, one figured you d was gonna fair that well, but some guys got together. Someone's hadn't seen each other years dinner down the boathouse walked over to then Coliseum sit down and watch soap basketball game. And I'll be damned at the flyers. Didn't beat you UK turn to me. That was the bonus that nobody anticipated that evening and. In a press box. I think we're gonna sweep and most of the people there were Kentucky fans both up there. And I was surprised I thought UK fans were were UK fans to the end. But when it became apparent they were going to lose just the stream of blew up the aisles and out the door kind of surprise me. They were bailing on the boys pretty early. That was good night. That was the cherry on top. Absolutely. Nobody there thought it was going to be a game much less a win for the flyers back in the day. What did we have excuses excuses? Austin town, Ohio Austin town, a man pulled over for a traffic. Stop was caught with cocaine in his socks ready, then told police these aren't my socks. He was wearing the socks. He is a Damian Clark age twenty pulled over by about four thirty in the morning after failing to uses right? Turn signal officer said he smelled it raw marijuana coming from inside the vehicle saw raw what ROY marijuana on the floorboard during the Serbs found a small bag of suspected cocaine in his left sock. Clark VIN said, these aren't my socks. He was taken into custody, and they found some other drug can pronounce in his pants along with some white powder substance and a torn plastic bag his front shirt. Four thirty in the morning is your turn signal. Let's say they said he asked officers to throw away the evidence saying someone gave me those pills to hold onto. We were at a party. But the cops believe it or not didn't throw him out. They kept them loose marijuana. Also found on the back of his shirt guys a mess. Altogether. Police seize seven hundred forty dollars found on him along with a cellphone. They found a pill in his left sock. But that's not as sock either. So don't worry about that. He said he forgot that was in there. I mean, you've got a lineup your excuses. Number one of their not your socks. But you knew the pill was in there at some point. Forgot it was in there. Classic. My favorite for the week off to save him for Friday facing charges of conveying drugs and drug abuse. Of course, something at five twenty right now, we'll get to sports here in a minute. A lot of that. A.

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