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Something that they know that they have to do this year so i do think the nuggets will step out before the february trade deadline and get a point guard it's been around for a little while i would cure a lot of their issues so paul and budgetotbe about the point guard obviously we all think marine here's is nice and in as the years go on is going to get even better but there was a guy out there and eric bledsoe that seems to be a guy that doesn't mind taken the last shot another guard that the nuggets coulda had how can they were not in on him at all well that inaccurate they were in on eric bledsoe plus they they were willing to give up jamal murray that's what phoenix wanted that that was it that was it yeah they were involved with their tablets so for some time they just didn't want to give up on murray so you package you know for read an and emmanuel moody a uh and they didn't bite you know they wanted that extra guy and that extra guy you know he's she's got she has to be really good from murray last night four three quarters was just something else uh it was it was uh something to see jimmy butler go to work uh i didn't know he was like that i didn't know he was that big for one he stood next to vaughan into various thomas on the sideline at one point is bigger than both of them so that's what you're going up against in the west and that's probably the fourth or fifth test team to the west but last night i thought that was a really interesting match up because these are two teams that sammer wolves in the nuggets who are projected to be you know finish somewhere right around each other's probably you know gonna fight for a similar type playoff seeding and it looked to me like minnesota what's a considerably better team at this point so.

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