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Most suspense were part of the film people did laughable to adam alone now not good when you went out in the snow widow boom the only thing in a film that sucks you win is val kilmer his weirdness was the only thing i was kind of looking forward to every time of the subtitled a of obama speaking english accent like british access which is we are too because i guess british people are evil we've right so that was the only thing because every time val came on me and scott like we did in were like oh my god there is again what happened to his face why subic and manila i'm going to give this film one persian rock for foul valve val saved the move i'm going to give it if it a summit all up suddenly it all up i i'd say go to norway don't see the film and on give me at one i'm giving it a half of a fjord one half of a norwegian fjord for that at of because it is a movie yuccas his movie and i saw the pre ford's fjords that's all they get and have a wonderful job you guys don't forget that tomorrow you are going to be an alameda the fina scott corroded plumbing saturday night algranata as the hop dogma it's wonderful to see twice in one week i knows us you know what yes i'll stay for the secrets vise by no i do we have a lot of catching up did i can't wait bag not necessarily week everyone will be bring in our dear friend rudy back tom curran rudy gone awry the.

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