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Rick tittle always goes commando. Commando tell you we'll come back to the show Rick tittle a one, eight, hundred, eight, seven, eight, play. I was just talking about how the West was won. The American. League. And when you think about I'm naming these guys, Nick Anderson who the hell is that. How about Randy arose arena. The hell is that. We've been talking about, but this is the true breakout star in baseball during the playoffs. This is a guy who originally signed with St Louis in two thousand sixteen after defecting from Cuba. Playing in the Mexican League and he bounced back and forth. In the Mexican League and Minor League Baseball. Is the guy that lioness Martine, who's made millions of dollars in his career. He said I had to do the same thing coming on a raft over from Cuban Mexico at any point I coulda gone under the water and he goes it's a horrible thing for human being to have to go through I made it a human beings shouldn't have to risk themselves like that. And he's right. He sits up in his mansion now but he knows how close he came to not having any of that. These right now, human beings should have to go through that. That's what rose arena had to do when he defected. When they finally discovered him in Mexico and he started zooming up the minor league ladder. made his. Major. League debut last year. At Saint Louis, like we got a packed out field..

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