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Bernstein's assistant. They can't see me. So they won't listen to me. Nobody will listen. Maybe you'll listen to me. Would you? Listen kitty. Thank you. You see it's all my fault. Yesterday. I let that stupid chimpanzee getaway. Janice was typing progress reports when I got to the lab this morning. Good morning, Janice. Joe Bernstein said. Kick the white. My first thing this morning. You know, I hate being sneaked up on don't ever do it. Again. We should never minded my kissing before. What's wrong? Jan nothing. I called you last night. Said you were out. I was with. Campaign and caviar. He asked me to marry him. And. And I told him I think it over for capital of day think it over. But we're engaged who getting Joe let's face it. You can't even afford a rain. Could get your ring. Any ring you want anything you want fifty three dollars a week, take home, not listen that hiking, and listen, I've given this a lot of thought I've been thinking about it ever since we first treated those mice and then Chico. Jen, do you realize what it would mean to be invisible like Chico wherever he is. Yourself make yourself invisible. Why not then I could do anything. I want take anything I want. Nobody be able to see the shivers. Like what it would mean? If I was invisible engagement ring. The biggest diamond I could find money I could steal all we could spend. I I could run the world you're out of your head. And we don't even know if it works on people anyway is flation bones are bones at worked on the mice. And it worked on that stupid. It'll work on me. What about Dr Bernstein? I'll buy them off with the money. I can lift I'll be able to buy anybody off no show. Now, Dr Bernstein, you could buy him on..

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