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Really starting to thin out. And I'm gonna once once the covert air has done, I'm gonna challenge him. To some sort of physical test, probably some sort of oil wrestling. All right. You should do it while you can, Because he's going to be well beyond your skill level. Soon, dudes looking amazing skill level like wrestling wise. He's gonna be in another class like he'll be in the To 20 muscular class. Well, that's what I weigh. So what am I? I'm the 2 20. What class? I'm just saying, you know, said it you'd be the 2 20. Uh, lovable. Class loving, class lovable. Coming. Classes just That was really, really having second thoughts about that whole chemistry thing. We've been hearing about his athletic to see his dick. Stick. Many weight loss has helped me and Miguel lose a bunch of weight and you can do the same. This is a medically supervised program. That's gonna keep you accountable and it's going to keep you losing weight in a healthy manner. There's something about I was. I was talking my my wife last night, and I said it's Somebody reached out to me. Who's almost £500, who starting many weight loss, and and we were saying, like that's a journey and the thing and it kind of clicked in my head. The thing is with many. It's such a week by week, day by day journey. It's very easy to get frustrated when you're not losing weight right away, And that's why things were so great with many because you go in once a week, and you realize I am losing weight every week, and it's a journey every week, which keeps you motivated. Losing weight motivates you more than anything else, and they wanna hook bone listeners up with the free assessment go to star. Mehdi dot com slash one or 25 it start mehdi dot com slash one or 25 OR call 877 Med Lost. Just make sure you tell him you heard John sending talking about it. Andrew Grabow live and Sir, if you're listening, the gentleman who's pushing 500 major props to you. I know how much strength it must take to even think about starting your weight loss journey. I encourage you to do it and feel great about yourself. Congratulations on taking that first step, he said, like his goal was like 2 20 or something. So you know that doesn't happen overnight. But this To me is the perfect program. No matter how much way you need to lose, But specifically when you've got more because every week it's it's shocking. I mean, I remember going in some of those early weeks, not knowing if I had lost and then seeing what was on the scale. I mean, like, damn like you think you're gonna plateau off and you just keep losing weight, so that for me motivates me more than anything if I'm struggling and not losing weight I have to give up. But if I see myself losing weight, I keep pushing. I mean, imagine when you go from 5 to 4 400 to 300. You're going to feel great, Dude, it's gonna be awesome. Keep up the work. Keep us posted. Donald Trump released a I don't know. It was like a speech that he was should be doing on your breaking news. Yeah, the leave it hard news. Have you seen it yet? No, they they let him go. No. As of January 4th 2021 the Dan Lebatard shows to God's will no longer be a part of the ESPN radio network, man. I know. I know. I didn't mean to break him,.

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