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Is rather than when you had in the case of the Clinton impeachment where the vast majority of Americans thought this was. BS This is is just Republicans. Hate this guy and they got that they understood it even with Fox News existing and with Nixon people saying Oh my God our president might be a crook. Well that's right right as it is. I believe it only if it's my team which is why the facts have to be emphasized. What we're talking about here is a bribery extortion scheme and the the facts are so straight-forward? It just has to be emphasized to the public. What the facts are? The only issue here is did. Donald Trump commit bribery when he he withheld the monies. That were appropriated for Ukraine's defense asking for an investigation of the Biden's into Ukraine's and so-called involvement in in the two thousand sixteen invested election. And was it extortion. When he told the Ukraine's wouldn't have the money to fight off the Russians Russians? who were on their border? Basically killing people every day if they didn't open an investigation into the Biden's and also also look into this crazy conspiracy theory about Ukraine being the ones that hacked into the Democratic National Committee. I mean it is that simple and it's got to be that way. It's not a question of this side or that side whether you're Republican or a Democrat extortion. Extortion and bribery is bribery. And and the facts are uncontested. Here Jill is it. Are we partly a victim of our era because you know back. During the Nixon era the Soviet the then Soviet Union was thought of enemy. Almost every American right and so there was something boogeyman ish about anything about Russia. Now that isn't isn't the case really for a lot of Americans think about that country and there are a lot of people on the Republican end. Then actually admire Russia as some sort of readout last readout out of White Christians in the world so it isn't the same story when you're talking about Ukraine this country with our gives it multiple. Don't even know where it is. You put a map about maybe You know and defending themselves against Russia. That doesn't resonate the same way for a lot of Americans particularly on the right. I think that what is important important here is that this is a very clear case of extortion. There's no matter what you call it you can call quid pro quo. You can call it. Bribery it is clearly clearly an impeachable offense. The president has done something to ask for foreign interference in our election. It doesn't matter what the foreign country is and and it's not that long ago that Republicans thought that Russia was the enemy. It's only now that Donald Trump has taken over and has cozied up to to a dictator from another country to many countries. Actually it's not just here and I think what we're we're missing is that In Watergate you had the three networks and they all had the same facts now if you listen to Fox News you have totally different facts and we have to get back to what. What are the underlying facts? People listening to this should be listening to the witnesses not to the summaries of the witnesses. That's where you get the truth. Yeah and we don't have the truth out there and we need to be teaching critical thinking skills in our schools because if people had those skills they would be able to listened to the evidence and analyze it and I think the important thing is to make this like a trial where people are jurors and they take seriously listening to the facts and acting on those facts. Carol Joy. Yes well I I wanted to tell Gabe that whether there is really important to the American people networks are fighting for their lives and all our focus groups show that people love whether. Yeah so. That's why it was Salita but the other thing I wanted to say is that I'm going to throw some more shade on the American public. But they're not reading. They're getting I the other thing. That is so distressing about coverage is. They're getting clips that somebody sent them on social media they're getting clicks next to go through stories that are just headlines on their phones and the American people are not reading. Trump is always saying. Read the transcripts. We don't don't read anymore. It's all shorthand. And so what are they getting. They don't understand. It's difficult well before we go. I do want to get gills pin deal. What is your opinion because we are watching that pin? It's a duck because Eric Swale said if it walks like a duck and talks doc I feel the same way about Donald Trump's behavior no matter what you call it it's impeachable. Thank you all for being here and I will grow in one last note then I think one of the changes in the Republican Party is that at the moment. There's a lot of good good money flowing into the NRA and fluent into states like Kentucky and maybe the money is Uh Changing People's minds ackerman. And Gabriel Sherman Nicole Hammer Carol the thinking much carroll joins me.

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