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In thinking it was a little too broad and a little too dumb and now you watch it and it feels so spot on and it'll work we're going to see it yeah thanks to the Max and other secondary kit I have the people haven't been doing this all the streaming services have ten day sometimes thirty day free trial so what do you do you pick a streaming service sign up for the free trial and then watch all the movies on there that week but you want to watch and then you jump from Cinemax Showtime the stars so you can really Max out your your movie watching for free beating the system they might yet my number four is Capote came out in two thousand five it's on Amazon prime it's on vudu it's a drama Philip Seymour Hoffman won Best Actor Catherine keener's terrific in it as well it's basically on Truman Capote he goes to Kansas and ends up writing in cold blood which kind of kind of sparked a new genre for literature non fiction novel is what he called it but he plays Truman Capote I just I really love that book and so then when the movie came out I was really into the movie I thought the more often just fantastic and then yeah he's yeah he's amazing yeah one of the good pick in that it was a movie that made a lot of noise when it came out a lot of nominations and it sort of worked off the radar a little bit for now we have to give a reason but it's very very good yeah okay Brian how much you number three my number three I want another comedy one of the funniest movies ever made team America world police I mean it's it's totally my favorite story if you will because you don't follow these its it's Terry Parker and Matt stone doing an action.

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