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Let's talk a minute about Marxism, right? Because I think I was always raised. It was an economic thing, right? It's like the haves, the have nots, but now we realize that it's a philosophy that basically divides people one way or the other. However, we can divide people and create resentment. And so now it's cultural Marxism. Now it says if I'm transgender or I'm lesbian or I'm a woman or I'm a whatever group I can identify with that can say we're oppressed and we're against our oppressors. So the names and categories have been changed, but it's the same context and it was brought in by the Frankfurt school. You mentioned gramsci, marcuse. These people in the 40s, whenever that was, they brought Marxist philosophy, which is atheist philosophy. It's not neutral. It's seriously atheist philosophy. They brought it in to the university's. And William F. Buckley, when he was at Yale in the late 40s, he saw this. Now, imagine in the late 40s, he writes a book called God and man at Yale, uncovering all this stuff. That was the late 40s. So by the time I was there in the 80s, political correctness had already swamped the campus or whatever. Now, of course, it's pure madness. But it's amazing to me that we're not teaching the evils of cultural Marxism. Most people don't know what the Frankfurt school is. And most people don't even know how to react because they don't know, they still don't know what's happening. One of the things that Pete and I were both surprised at is that, you know, I did my colonel of research in the early part of this and of course I know classical Christian education. Pete did most of the work in the 20th century. And the puzzle pieces fit together like they were hand in glove to the mixed metaphors of it. But it was unbelievable. Dewey's at Columbia until about 1930, the Frankfurt school shows up in about 34, 35, you see this develop, you see the cultural revolution, talk about cultural Marxism in Maoist China in the late 1960s where he realizes that you can not make economic Marxism work without cultural revolution. And it just the whole thing flows together. And I think what the book does is provide a sweeping narrative of the 20th century to show us how we got where we are and then, of course, it prescribes a solution. We try to simplify it. You know, it goes from western Christian paideia to the American progressive paideia, which lasts all the way up to basically 9 11. So think of the collective response we were able to have at 9 11, even with a progressive paid dance. Yes. Now we're about to have a culturally Marxist. Yes. What in the world could we respond to? We're internally an extra. We're going to go to another break. We've got plenty more don't go away. You run out your dancing and you never see a show. Folks, before we continue the conversation today, in our two, we've got way more with Pete hegseth and David Goodwin and then we're going to be talking from Zürich Switzerland. He is the head of CSI international talking about what is happening in Ukraine with refugees. I just love to talk to people who are directly involved. It's a profoundly Christian organization. Yeah, and you can go to metaxas talk dot com right now and you can donate on taxes. There's a lot of stuff you ought to do. I hate to put it on you, man. Yeah. Hey man, but go to metaxas talk dot com and you'll see the banner. I also want to say I have a piece at the stream. I've been getting emails from a lot of people because I read something in Christianity today some weeks ago that so shocked me. It's no different. I'm writing about this in my next book letter to the American church. How the comparison of where many in the church are in America today to where many were in the churchyard in Germany in the 30s, it is horrifying the parallels are astonishing and in this article in Christianity today, Russell Moore essentially does what the German pastors did in the 30s. Before they had any clue where it was leading, but they're sort of demonizing a certain group or certain groups. They're the problem and we all know they're the problem. And the parallel is chilling. So I write about it in my upcoming book, but I write about it. You can read about it at stream dot org. It's an article that I wrote rebutting what Russell Moore wrote in the pages of Christianity today. I still can't believe he wrote it. I can't believe they published it. What I wrote about it, as I said, a lot of people are emailing me and thanking me for writing it. But I could not not write it. It was just, I said, I have to respond. A couple of other quick bits of business do not forget. Socrates in the city, May 31st, if you know anybody who can get to New York City on May 31st, Tuesday night, union league club, we haven't done this in a long time. The man who walked on the moon 50 years ago is going to be sharing his faith. He's going to be sharing his story. I have to tell you, I am almost frightened at the level of excitement that I'm bringing to this. May 31st, go to Socrates in the city dot com and also we want to welcome to Salem. Yes, officer Tatum. You've heard of the famous officer Tatum. We salute the elder is moving over to epic times and so his spot at Salem was open and we got office of Tatum unbelievable. Yes. He was on the plane with me going to Mar-a-Lago. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I flew in those circles last week. And it was just kind of so cool to see him and his wife and kid. So for joining the faculty. That's right. So welcome. Welcome to officer Tatum. And speaking of Salem, we want to say, if you go to Salem now dot com, there's a number of films there. You know, if you're looking for something decent to watch, it ain't easy. And so we try to help you by saying go to Salem now dot com. 2000 mules is there, as you know, I'm in it. And I am very excited about America knowing what happened. It's going to change. You're going to see history. I'm going to be really blunt. You're going to see history this year because it's taken a long time, but this information is getting out. What Pete hegseth and David Goodwin write about with education. It's getting out. What happened in the election is getting out. The Hunter Biden laptop and the tremendous corruption of Joe Biden and a lot of these three star agencies in America, the deep state. It is horrifying, but we're facing it. We're uncovering it. It's getting out. So I want to encourage you to get the word out about 2000. Can I just do a quick congratulations to my parents who have been married 76 years? Of course they both passed away. Many years ago, but they were loving and wonderful parents so too. Albina and Anthony sadar, congratulations on 76 years of marriage. That is, you know what? That is so beautiful. Thank you, lord, for these men and women who stay together through the years. Your parents, their children, for my folks. Oh my goodness. All right, we'll be right back..

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