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He's got a point. When I When I rigged it moves into a neighborhood. It's timeto maybe consultant agent or two such a good guy, and I know he was five years old, you know, and so I just love Daniel is just and and I know you know this, but he's a great son. There was Mom. Absolutely not. Today. We're exactly happened. Absolutely. That is have a great weekend. Stay cool, and we'll look forward to talking to assume my friend. Thanks a lot guys arguing is Dennis His right hand picks. Football. Quarks. I pick Stop Winslet mood It's going up except doesn't even what context here Long, 1045 and 68 Sports leader There is a traffic advisory for the Santa Cruz Mountains now from the Children. Auto Body Traffic desk. Heartbreaking red Hot Mustang fully engulfed south found 17 before Alma Bridge. And for that reason, traffic is at a standstill from 85 Freeway is closed. For now, North bound in the left lane is closed as well. Oh, I didn't mention the car fire caught the hillside on fires. The North found traffic is absolutely packed from Idlewild well before idle while so avoid the area. For now Crashes on the Nimitz have cleared, leaving us with heavy traffic from before to kowtow up to a street And there was an accident. South sounds so it's slow after 2 38 down toward industrial leaving San Francisco still Back from Cesar Chavez to Treasure Island Crossing the Bay Bridge. Thiss traffic is sponsored by staple stores. Staples has everything to start the school year. Right at amazing prices this week at Staples 120 sheep killer paper and select plastic pencil boxes are just 50 cents each in store only friends. A 15 WASP lays Last Limit. Six school on Savon at stables. It's one thing to be stuck in your house Do to covert 19. It's another thing to be stuck with a house..

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