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Fixit said on twitter too. If you what a great break that this was televised otherwise it would have been lost to the sands of time. But it's the fact that this exists. Go back on Korn. Ferry tour did a great job of tweeting a bunch of highlights and stuff. That are all still up. So if you're looking for if you're looking for more more material go check that out. I'd I'd like to say good on the tournament. Directors for continuing exactly much to Tommy Gainey Chagrin. Tommy Gainey then would go onto win the event Three years later after his inspiring comeback from the prostitution. He's been through a lot full circle. Well that was excellent. That brings me to one that you know. I wanted to reach out to some of the participants. Couldn't couldn't find anybody that was willing to go on record about it. That's of course the 1901 my comments. Yeah exactly Myopia Hunt Club in South Hamilton Massachusetts Place. Close to your heart and actually the the US to do more fox-hunting they're right in Rainey's funny mentioned that said of live. Hunts they do. What's called a drag hunt? Which they drag a sent around the property. I'm not sure what the deal is. Why but anyway. Neither here. Nor there The pro loves to come out and say this is the highest score in the history of the US highest winning score in history. So that's what led me to it. But as I went down the rabbit hole of the hosted the the US Open in nineteen one also hosted in one thousand nine hundred five just this whole do for another kind of period. Yeah it was only sixty one hundred yards when they played it in one thousand nine hundred one. I think it's up to sixty five hundred now a little bit about Myopia. Mr Leads. Harvard Man Ivy League Was He on the grid iron. I believe Hornsey here leads was right so Mr leads graduated from Harvard. Where in addition to graduating completing his bachelor of Arts in eighteen seventy seven. He played baseball yes. I'm sure I'll see him at the university club up in the big city one day so he he kind of ruled with an iron fist around there for thirty thirty five years. Nineteen O one. We're still relatively in the most of the golf pros coming over Scottish. They're also club makers and pros know Club pros basically so prose prose prose pros for sure for sure. So nineteen actually eighteen. Ninety eight Myopia had their first. Us Open but They they only had nine holes at time so they played nine holes Over and over and over again I would have said that one out proper eighteen only so then moving onto ninety to one so they had the the one thousand nine hundred Us Open at Chicago. Golf Club Harry Vardon wins. They go to Myopia in. Nineteen ninety-one my up to eighteen holes. They played. They played thirty six day. So I believe this when they play Thursday and Friday. There was a playoff but they couldn't play the playoff 'til Monday because Saturday and Sunday. We're members days. Yes that sounds about right. One of those courses where the the country they slow it down slow the Greens down the tournaments because the members play fast. What is the place where you can always show kosher? Yes that's definitely something to consider here. Nineteen one the winning score. Three thirty one. How many rounds it's about it's A. It's an average of about eighty eighty two point seven five highest score on a hole in. Us Open history. We made a twenty four on the fourth hole which is four hundred yard par four. It's not easy or anything like that. I bet I could get it down. But digging more and more into it Willy Anderson very lustrous player in his own right. He won US Open. This was the first of four soap victories. Scottish guy from North Barrick came over believe he was the head pro at apawamis around Westchester area. In New York only lived to the age of thirty one. Different accounts here. Some people said he had epilepsy other. He drank himself to death. First Ballot Hall of Famer when the initial hall of Fame Class Really Stage. I Know Your Big Hall of Fame Guy. He's a he's fine with the whole it's not their website. He he won. Posthumously awarded eight major champion. He won four Western opens which was big time he was the first club pro or even a club pro at Muskoka Kit. He'd never played in a competition before he got to America in eighteen ninety seven so maybe where the deep dive I think so so anyway. So he's playing. Willie Smith another Scott another interesting Scott Willie. Smith was the runner up at three hundred. Three Twenty eight in one thousand nine hundred eight seven shots so you know he. He had a track record coming in you as a dog. They go to play. Playoff after of Smith is up. Smith has a five shot lead after the thirteen poll on the last round five shortly. But what's the most dangerous leading? No doubt he makes a seven after getting bunkered on fifteen lost another shot on seventeen and then had a one shot lead. Going in eighteen Anderson made par while Smith mid double so they come back out on Monday. For the playoff Anderson has the superintendent in club pro. Who was playing in the competition during the radio competition? He hires him to be his caddy. I love that is it. Is it illegal? Yeah you gave him a ton a ton of credits John Jones was his name. He said Great amount of local knowledge probably could have done it without him. But the in the Playoff Smith. Mrs a three footer on eighteen after Anderson makes a five footer and so- Smith has this to tie the playoff and keep it going. Anderson Makes PUTT SMITH MRS it. That's it that's all she wrote so Couple OF OTHER TIDBITS. I found obviously couldn't couldn't find a lot of quotes not a whole lot of people. This was Alex Smith. Alex Smith. Yeah so we broke his leg right. Actually maybe the Thomas Break for Alex Smith Yes lorie actor. Loney which you know. If you've been Saint Andrus Archer. There's the shop there That that family another guy who was in the field guy that we're very familiar with David Brown. Oh He's a roof rufus folk rufo so it seems that he he transitioned shot. The transition from being a Roofer on the heels of his open championship started playing a lot more and started taking his talents across the pond in nineteen hundred two hundred. Explain the river thing When we're muscle bro Right. Yeah very excited that to to talk about. What was it? David David Brown. They've was going to say David Brown was the guy that's the web dot com turns out later found took dot com. Yeah they needed another person for the open at muscle right in one thousand nine hundred eighty six open champion. He was a Roofer. The US early on the roof roof. Put Him in the bath. Wash them up. Washed him up gave them a nice pat cling. Close anyone so go. Back and watch season was a season two toward us. Another couple of interesting things about Anderson. He sounded like he was like the original ball-strikers favorable striker one titles with both the gutter. Percha in the rubber core ball. Mega interlock grip guy. Like he would interlock two fingers. Just one he carried eight clubs huge Mash Guy and Less his brassy on recovery shots not a Niblett guy though allegedly. Not You know. I didn't see anything about the Nikolic to more interesting tidbits. About Willy's about Alex Smith. He was the assistant was head pro at Westchester Country Club. And then his brother. Willie Smith who won the US Open in eighteen ninety nine at Baltimore. Country Club Started Designing Club. De Golf to pull to pack. It was actually injured in the building of one of the original courses down there during the Mexican revolution and then died four or five years later of pneumonia and Smith went. Went Down and finished golf club. H Poltrak teach sight of some carnage in. Its own right but yeah Anderson Also played off his left foot. I could have been like the original stack until guy as well so loaded up last thing from my opium was. None of the pros allowed the clubhouse which Anderson was pissed about that sounds about right so did myopia host after that. Oh you said five to they did. Yeah and actually so yeah so. Anderson actually wins. Players unionized better better player dining which it's such a fun course. It's like one of my favorites I've ever played. There's there's so much. Many wacky holds first holes this blind hill short for it's wild but Anderson one thousand one thousand nine hundred ninety four in Nineteen O. Five thousand nine five was back at Myopia. He beat Alex Smith by one shot. Alex Smith had a big lead going into thirty six older and four liter. I believe and then Alex Smith sounds like a complete choke artist. What he called a tough break Smith Smith digits. People many people could have said Smith was kind of like ricky in his early days. Second place in ninety eight seventh place in ninety nine second-place in a one fourth place and three second place in oh five but one in nineteen. Oh six so. Maybe there's hope for Ricky and then couple thirds one eight nine hundred won by seven strokes and no six nineteen. So just breakthrough broke through so much ricky but have you studied the career Smith and interestingly enough in one thousand nine six has brother Willy runner up about that thank you. Tc It's good stuff. I mean not. A whole lot about the carnage just kind of assumed like it was fucking hard for. I would sign up for another three. Thirty one winning USO tour. I'm up next. We are going to go just down the street for the next one players championship near and dear to our hearts and Ponte Vedra. It's not always been TPC's ABC for a five year period. It was held at Sawgrass Country Club on both the East and West courses one day or today it was the site history with us that the US amador withdraw one Chris Almond last year after not knowing the two day event it was not because the course was too difficult. You'll see we were going to run into quite a few withdrawals for different reasons than than I had to withdraw but So the Players Championship just a brief history for those that don't know kind of was created as supposed to be this big marquee event for the PGA tour but it moved around for the first years went to Atlanta Atlanta Country Club and then it went to colonial for a year and then went to for the third year it went to someone Florida inventory. I think navy struggled to pronounce that one so Florida and then it moved Somewhat permanently to Sawgrass country club a golf course designed by ED. Say I believe it's how you pronounce it easy partner of earn opponent partner. Arnold Palmer in our inner hetero emeritus a Harrison mania it. We're GONNA mostly focus on the nineteen seventy-nine Players Championship when things really came to a head. But I want to. I cover the first two years there. I mean nineteen seventy seven both the first two years in seventy seven and seventy eight. Plus one won the championship mark. Hayes wanted in year. One and Jack Nicklaus won it in year. Two Dan Jenkins had the following to say in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven about the players championship. The championship has a bruised and battered passed from the beginning. It claimed major status insinuating that it deserved to be thought of in the same class as the masters the US Open and British opens and the National PGA a sort of Grand Slam plus one. It didn't ask anyone by the way it is claimed it primarily on the basis. That tournament was big money event to be played on tough courses but the best field. You could assemble. This was all true but major status will only come with age and refinements that will be made over the years if at only public taste and to some extent the attitude of the press will ultimately decide the proper place of the TPC the Players Championship. Possibly the world doesn't need a fifth major and it will have to settle down on that plateau of annual competitions that are thought of as significant better than a Durell or Kemper of course but hardly a master's somewhere in between still having the same conversation. Peter said. Hold my beer as what it was written. Let's see if we how many can we? Maybe maybe we can. Forty three was more important conversation So again players announced around and then so that when it came to the players and seventy seven first time at sawgrass country club hundred.

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