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The possession on the foul gained thirty five yard line in instead it the falcons have a first doubting canned near bid feel yes so the trick arrangement paid off right because they raided far northeast to put one too many players on the field navy they some running off maybe that was the punters call they have too many guys i'm gonna run dry navy though offset i formation here for surat oic tan an hill hand this went off van the fullback barrels four for about five into farnortheast territory here with seven and a half minutes to go in the opening quarter no score falcon with their first possession of the game and they forced a far northeast upon on there's you know falcons been tested in the middle of that defense and so far far north these has done a great job at the point of attack have seen them vendor loosen up at all yet now they'll run up the middle once again in another very successful runs gotta get falcon passed the forty yard line in another fresh set a downs here for the falcons and now the clock will wind so that running game right the metalworking while so far for the further the right side there has a good hard run up the right side of the uh the defense good job in about two or three guys with him as he got his one five or six yards so first in it tan from the warriors thirty nine serano will hand this one off again nothing their baby ford for a yard bring up second down in nine save the exact same plays one they they ran earlier was that landed martinez five eight 195 that's pretty strong kid when you're five eight your 195 tough to bring him down there for sure pad levels always good martinez an an tune in the back field toronto pitches day in tune and he is back back past the forty yard lied great read on the play thereby marcus rise then he gets in there and drags down an tune into backfield dow will be a significant watts of seven and obering up another third down in long situation here for the falcons yeah falcon tried to stretch the feel to the right side and rice made a great call wasn't fooled it all on that play.

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