Vogel, Depression, Gogo discussed on The Bill Simmons Podcast - Chuck Klosterman on Chris Cornell, Superteams, an NFL Rule Change, and Michael Jordan (Ep. 218)


It's and there was something go you know we when you look at not just like all these vogel who have died but till elliott smith and like the base player from hold all these there was some just entrenched connection between the pacific northwest depression and heroin and opiates so involved in so much in the music from that period and uh it was just kind of bad chiming for those guys because if you're depressed person who's rich and you have access to hair when it's probably going to become part of your life uh all singles on the action an airplane when the cornell thing in the news came out and i went on a whole was on gogo in slate searching uh reading stories in that there is a bunch of stories about singles that had and it even happen because like camera crowe had done the twentyfifth anniversary blu ray and it just let me in all these things it's really crazy how he was working on that movie as that whole genre was basically taking off in the studio didn't realize what they had and they didn't release the movie an eightday canada buried it they didn't know what to do with it and they the kipp they changed the title they white they wondered if they should just scrap it completely they they just they're kinda clueless with it and then the music started takeoff and then they kind of bum rushed it and i remember i just graduated college in it was like fallen 92 at thank ana in that movie came out and if.

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