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Get a new segment coming up in about 10 minutes from now. Lightning. Lightning has been surprised at how much she learns on the show. I'm not even being facetious, and so she said. Can I do the last segment on Fridays? I want to tell you the things I've learned for the week, so I thought this could be this could be their really good or really train wreck. Awful. In either case, I'm willing to do it like you got the floor. In the next segment with the things that you've learned this week on the show. In the meantime, we talked to Scott went Lee every Friday at this time on V B in the middle. We talked about the restaurant business and food in General and Scott. I hate to do it yet again, but we must start with Is every restaurant on Boylston Street in every bar in the back of the wall before it's over. Yeah, it looks like that. I just have to say of an old Salisbury boy right to the old him away up. I was on that a million and a half times and I do remember them. They would come on the announcement. As you get now, let's go real real fast the other way. Which is how I never I never was up there. But, man, this is like I need to dial up the Wayback machine because I'd love to take a run at that now. Yeah, I live down the street at the time, and we were there, of course, all summer long. But back then the crowds were enormous. And then 10 years after that, there's like nobody there, so it's fully died away. And now we have now we have crowd control team's being sent out to make sure that you're behaving this Labour Day weekend. Yeah, how large of a party of my allowed tohave Is it 25 now? Is it down to that and that is outside. Not inside, Right? That's outside. So I I can't keep track of it. And I'm just mad. I'm just looking at all these economic numbers and I'm like the unemployment rate. I I almost look at it. It's fairly low, considering what's going on. But again, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, California really closed down, take those out and we're doing fine. New Hampshire's doing okay, you know, with their controlling the problem and opening up their businesses, I just wish In Boston. I don't know. It seems like all these restaurants that pop it out and dropping away. Will the city recover? How long will the city recovered? How many people are going to move out of the city at this point? I mean, you're you're talking about legendary places. This yes, went down and literally. It's happening so fast that When one place like the poor house closes you like, Gee, I wonder what's going to be next. And you name one of their neighbors. And sure enough the next day or two days later, that place goes. Yeah, We can't make it either. And you go. I was joking. I didn't mean that happen like I did read that the poor house possibly made Change that. I think they're looking for one of the owners to buy out the other owner and somehow try to get another investor in or something along that line, so hopefully they'll figure a way of Of staying open, But you know the poor house. This would be their sweets, but it's football season for them. Yeah, And and that's here. That's starting What a week and a half. If that, Ah, that's when they would really get going. But they're not gonna get the crowds anyway, so it's going to be It's just going to be difficult. It really isn't. It's just a shame that would come my turn on the news. Somebody else's closing. And every time you try and get positive news like you mentioned the national unemployment rate, which was I think he's unbelievable compared to what was going on. It's at 8.4%. I think that's mind boggling, Lee great considering But it won't matter if it is so much higher because all we apparently care about here is Corona virus, and we don't do anything but Deal with running from Corona virus, and there are consequences to that strategy and the consequences are this stuff is going to just keep happening. It's going to just keep right on stuff down. And the number one thing I hear from business owners is the complaint about Governor Baker's approach. It's like, Yeah, we're going to close this going to shut this down. Keep this closed. He's not giving them any hope. He's not really feeling their pain, and I think a great politician always feels Somebody's paid. He's not feeling their pain, and their pain is really because their houses are on the line. It's not just their businesses, their houses their livelihood. It's what they built up for 30 40 years and could be gone in a snap shot and it's not. It's the way you deliver it. Look, I know it's labor Day, and I know you want to have some fun. Just tell me a favor. Try and limited. If you're gonna have 30 people, can you maybe do 15. Instead, he goes. Don't even think about it. Your party's a too big and with sending out groups to enforce it like Back up, Calm down. No one likes to know fun guy, and they're now like they're trying to control every aspect of your life literally said. Like Do we have to live like puritans? Because it sure seems like God forbid you even think about having fun. You're gonna go to hell. Well, could I could I have 25 people in the front yard 25 in the backyard, Another 25 homicides and we rotate a man. No, you know what? I know how that goes. It's all about cars in your area and there, count them. And once you're over the limit, they're going to give you trouble. Yeah, I You know, I was seeing the people posting about some of the restaurants that were closing. They said I don't understand why they're closing. They should have put money aside for things like this. I mean, this is six months. Yeah, but I'm telling. I see that on Facebook. They don't understand how the business is work. They don't have that much capital. There's only so much you could borrow before the bank say I'm sorry I can't extend anymore because You're going to go under it. We're gonna lose money. Oh, and also like, But why did they gonna pay rent? Why can't the landlord just let him stay there? Will the landlord also has bills right? Like the longer than changes Somebody say, Oh, this is for free now, And that's one of the many dilemmas that they've had with this stuff. Governor Cuomo in New York $2 billion lawsuit, The restaurant's suing him. Did you hear him tonight? You know why I didn't hear him today. Luckily, I've heard him with the Army car also know that they're not gonna have indoor dining in New York until they can account for all whatever the number was 27,000 dining establishment to something like they were literally saying Unless we have eyes and ears on every single place, we're not gonna be doing it. Which is insane. Like, what are you doing? Yeah, I When I go into these restaurants, and I'm talking to the owners in the manager's, they're afraid to do anything wrong. And I mean that they're afraid to do anything wrong. Because if they get reported, they get shut down, and they're they're barely hanging on Now they're enforcing it themselves. I guarantee that You don't need that much. You know, militant police watching over these businesses. They just want to be open and they want to do everything by the book and actually go much further, Then they're goingto tell them what to do. But, you know, I don't know. You just can't claim him down like this. You've got to let people live a little bit as well. What do you got coming up on the radio shows Sunday at 10 A.m. here on our tail. We're going to speak with a guy that that makes jams and so and kind of jellies out of out of his place in M. Plymouth called Al's backwards, very company, and he'll make some really kind of cool things like a screwball, PB and J. That they're so good..

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