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Sulky was asked about a show that she wished amazon had done and she said they were in final negotiations for mayor of eastbound fellow party. What is that again as mayor moved over to. Hbo it's the Big mystery series. I washed it in one day. It was so good all the way through it it. It is really good. Jennifer sulky said she thinks about this process of trying to land that show and believes they did whatever they could to get it and would have been proud to have mayor of east town on amazon. No doubt about it. That was a blue blue chip show for each the entertainment. President of showtime talked. About the dexter reboot saying dexter is the jewel in the crown of showtime. And we didn't do it. Justice in the end and that has always been a burr under my set. Or did you say it's one of the worst of all time. Oh yeah look at any worst finale. Lists dexter is going to be in the top five He said that they took a long time to figure out how they could do it. Rights and make sure michael c hall would be willing to come back and play dexter and he also said the possibility of a spin off or continuation of this upcoming revival has not been ruled out saying the expectation is so high for it and the series is so special to the network and me the future will take care of itself. So it's a ten episode deal. Dexter new blood that premiering on november seventh. And i think i might have to pull sea bass why because you know sea bass is always like in and out with his subscriptions subscribes and they cancelled because i don't think showtime is affiliated with any stream go. I have a standalone showtime. Yeah well maybe just oh. We're friends to menace. Do you hate musicals. Way the rest of these. There's a couple that. I'm down with my love rent grants. I actually went to watch that. I think i. Maybe i'll check out wicked into what if i said to you the karate kid the musical Remember when they tried to use spiderman musical and it was a disaster occurred. Kid maybe again edible it's in development and it's going to get it start off off off off broadway it's going to have its world premiere in cameron's hometown of saint louis. It will start a limited engagement may of next year at the kirkwood performing arts center. Okay i mean we did. Go see hairspray together. Yeah hairsprays hairspray. That's pretty look. We'll tell your friends cameron that that's where it's going to be next. May the director is a japanese gentleman. Who says the karate kid the musical is his love letter to both the oj movie and the masters who instructed him in his karate practice things. That's what i think you know what. What's going to skyrocket me to get onto broadway. Start in saint louis missouri. You gotta start somewhere. He says karate teaches above all to follow your dreams no matter what obstacles are put in front of you and start with one and that's the spirit with which they are approaching karate kid the musical. Alright let let's say kirkwood performing arts center saint louis next month. Now we're in a politically correct world. We all know that and we try to rally against but there are some episodes of television shows. They get pulled from syndication. All the time some episodes get pulled from both streaming an syndication like the puerto rican day episode of seinfeld. You will find that anywhere the dungeons and dragons of community that featured. Ken jong black face not gonna find that anywhere and there's an episode of spongebob squarepants midlife. Frustation not gonna find that. Definitely not on nickelodeon. I'm not sure if it's paramount. Plus but that featured a panty raid all right. we'll barstool. Sports noticed in a recent comedy central marathon of the office that the season classic diversity day is missing from the lineup and a deeper dive into comedy central. They are not showing diversity day anymore. Comedy central home south park right. They're not join the diversity day episode of the office. If you listen to brian baumgartner's office deep dive podcast. He thinks diversity as the best episode. They ever did a really good episode season. One f- to Look i think it's awesome too because it makes michael scott look repulsive like in his attitudes of in his stereotype so that when he gets smacked by mindy kaelin kelly kapoor. It's awesome but comedy. Central has not comment really week. Yeah but diversity days not on their lineup but it is still on peacock right so you can watch it on both the office indication and peacock though did scrub a scene from the episode. Dwight christmas which is in the last season rain wilson appeared in black face so they just scrub that scene as opposed to pulling out that entire episode and honey boo. Boo is sixteen years old. Just so shocking She just did a feature along with a photo shoot fourteen vogue and she says she is not honey boo anymore. Do not call her that. Her name is alana. She also talked about how her reality show. Fame made it difficult for her to connect with people at school saying she doesn't really have many friends and quote. I don't trust nobody really crazy. She's the most sane one now one thing she does have self esteem through the roof. She says quote. Just because i got a little extra meat on my bones. You wanna hate me. I never get body shaming. I don't care as long as i like myself. I'm good on the radars. Read to you by manscaping. The landscape engineering team has confirmed that they have successfully created the lawnmower four point. oh trimmer. Man's gave her the international leaders in below the waist grooming. And right now get twenty percent off and free shipping with cody app. Manscaping dot com. That's twenty percent off and free shipping at manscaping dot com code. Woody i'm rabi. That's what's on the art. Thanks very much rebels. Those birthdays porto birthday. We should've shiver starting with the celebrities. Happy birthday to aaron paul. Who's forty two years old breaking. Sarah chalk from scrubs and She was a second becky on roseanne. He's forty five peewee. Herman paul reubens yes sixty tells me. He loves that part. Yeah he does cesar milan. The dog whisper fifty two. Sean wilson from grey's anatomy is fifty two in greg fashion designer. Tom four sixty years. Old birthday tom. Your porno birthday is jackie. Joy to hand more hogs and a pig farm hundred in sixteen films on her including mommy hugh and be make. Three huge horny boobs volume one k. Horns in american horse store. Also the great american slut off. She was in bone alone. Yeah using credible and storage whores and who could forget her unforgettable role in. Let's bang one out all right. That's jackie joyce she's thirty six years old today. The is your birthday your celebrity birthdays and that is a friday morning. Look at what's on the radar. We're gonna take a quick break. We got some more. What show for your next hang on going and that's not speaking only got some absolutely fantastic news to share share john. It's time for the friday. Turn up. I'll come to our little on air party that we throw each and every friday morning right around this time on this very radio station ninety seven and we have even welcome to the weekend. We've got tj scotty fox in the mix we got people checking in on the tax over the two two nine eight seven also on social media woody show about instagram. Twitter's make sure you hashtag your message with friday turnoff listening long distance iheartradio app. Greg is keeping track of all of those but be prepared. You might wanna take your apple watch off because it will spike the heart rate panics..

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