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Michael Jordan's documentary. Lebron! Comes out the day it ends. Yeah! Calbos offered me a contract. In Two thousand eleven, you had that story for nine years and you never dropped it. Why did you drop it then nine years? You had that story. You got a million TV shows you're on. Did you drop it? It shows. Lebron Isaiah, Thomas Scottie Pippen Michaels in everybody's head. Twenty years later. Everybody's reacting to Michael Jordan. Bronze reacting getting news out there about his football, Isaiah Thomas, is reacting and Scottie Pippen, his furious and. Relatives of Jerry Krause. Michael Jordan is so powerful. He leaves a room for twenty years and he still in everybody's head. How in the world that? It's not the story about Lebron. Why did it come out for the documentary? It happened nine years ago. It's just coming out. There hasn't been a moment. We could have asked Lebron. He would've talked about it. You know it's funny to. Tom Brady's the goat, but it doesn't bother other football players that he's the Goat Joe. Montana was like. Yeah, it's Joe. Montana was asked right after. Won His fifth Super Bowl right after Joe Montana's like. Toms the goat. peyton manning was his rival something. He's the goat peyton manning and Tom Brady our friends. Football players have no problem acknowledging Yeah Tom's the Goat Montana did it in our everyone, the Super Bowl Peyton, manning and Brady your buddies. But. Basketball is star driven. And when you have to acknowledge, there's one guy better than all of you ever. It gets in their head. It drives Isaiah crazy pippen, cray. Drives, it drives libra. They're all chasing him. Still because basketball is more about the star, and the star is given swagger, -Ly and attention, and he's the man and basketball culture is find him and Pam an elevator. And I mean that's the culture of it, but it is remarkable how many people are bothered? By this Jordan doc, or at least if not bothered influenced by it. I'm going to release this I'm GonNa Release Thad. I'm going to tell you. This I'm going to tell you that it's the power of its the power MJ. With everything going on, you're probably worrying more than ever. CHECK OUT EM drive. Relax, FELLAS, they're no people are anxious..

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