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How long should a podcast be while if a podcast is too long, two thirds of weekly podcast listeners return to that podcast later and continue listening when they have more time. That's according to a survey of radio fans. However, twenty one percent say bait never come back winning to our advice on how long a podcast should be in our newsletter. And in our show notes. Dan Meisner has looked at two years of the apple top two hundred podcasts, and he's discovered a number of trends, including more society and culture podcasts than ever before we linked to how the apple podcasts charts work in our show notes and in our newsletter. And now a note of caution a company called planet TV studios as approaching podcasters with the promise of coverage on FOX business US cable channel it sounds flattering. But don't waste your time. They want twenty eight thousand dollars to highlight your podcast, according to one. Podcast who contacted us? If you've twenty eight thousand dollars to burn on an average of just one hundred and forty nine thousand viewers when at least you could support pod news to where pod news dot net slash support. Acosta's launched in France, yen Tebet will run the French business, formerly he was in charge of Spotify for continental Europe over four million people in France, listen to podcasts every month. That's roughly eight percent of the country says the country's Media Metrix research podcast movement has a new head of sales Christy, Scott Christie was formerly selling Tom Taylor. Now, the excellent daily Email for people in radio Tom retired at the end of last year. Stitches CEO Eric dying was interviewed about the benefits of podcast advertising by yahu finance anchor has added analytics metrics to its mobile app. So you can now even check your download numbers on the bus. And what's the difference between radio and podcasting pod? News editor. Me in his weekly radio. Tomorrow piece for an Australian radio industry website points out that podcasters want to help each other. Unlike radio in developers corner this week supporting pubs hub hubbub could significantly help. All parts of the podcasting ecosystem pubs, hop hubbub. Cuts down on redundant ARA. Says polling a means it's faster for listeners to get new episodes. As we write in our overview article linked to from our show notes and our newsletter. It just needs a few lines of code and Google podcasts. Already supports it. Chaim? Just got such a stupid name,

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