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Hello everybody and welcome to the Dennis prager show or welcome back as I hope the case would be. I have nothing to add about the buffalo shooting. It was an act of pure evil by a sick bad human being who deserves to die. I wish he had killed himself when he threatened to do so. I have nothing to add. The attempt to say that this is produced by a right wingers by Fox News and by Tucker Carlson is par for the course for the left. Want to play what clip? The Wesley Lowry clip. Oh, but CNN clip. He's a CBS reporter. He's a CBS reporter. On CNN. So I said CNN clip. Okay. Let's be clear. This stuff Tucker and Laura Ingraham say every night, it could be written by white supremacists very often. There is a section. First of all, the guy's a piece of crap this human being. He's a lying piece of crap. I want him to tell us what they say. I give specifics every time. When I speak about Paul krugman, lying about the Republicans being responsible for the shooting of Gabby Gifford, the congresswoman. Remember, in Tucson and others being killed, I'm specific. This is what he said. Okay? Kirkman is a bad man. This guy's a piece of crap, like all of them. All they do is smear the right. That's all they know how to do. Sexist intolerant xenophobic homophobic islamophobic racist bigoted transphobic. White supremacist replacement theory people, right? You know what? As I said so long ago, I didn't like New Yorkers replacing floridians and they're the same damn race white. The replacement to the extent that there is a replacement theory in normative conservative circles a term I never hear, by the way, in normative conservative circles, but to the extent that it exists it is replacing ideology. New Yorkers move to Florida and they ruin the state. That's what they do. They leave a crappy place to make Florida a crappy place. That's what leftists do. They repeat the politics, they vote for the politics that they fled. It's brilliant. It's brilliant. By the way, Latin Americans often do the same thing. They bring the giant government politics that they fled into the United States, just as New Yorkers do to Florida and Californians do to Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. There are a lot of Californians. Every night, really, every night on Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, this is the stuff that they hear to promote people to murder blacks, sky is scum. I hate saying this. You know in all of my career, I desisted from this. But the level of leftist is so despicable that I have no other terminology. Play it over again. This guy..

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