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To the nations and. The nations to. The church thank you for your faithful. Support now here's our speaker, emeritus. Pastor Ken Klaus Christ is risen he, is risen indeed that single truth changes the world As Christ, is risen the forces, of evil remain dedicated to pigeonholing him as being Foltz and. Fake because Christ is risen we. Pray, the Lord we'll, send his, spirit so the world may. See the savior. And the salvation he is one Amen Nineteen, twenty, seven and director Cecil b demille that erases. Version of Steven Spielberg decided he was going, to pull out, all the steps for his. Bible based production and the life of Jesus a movie entitled the king of kings a. Cast of thousands check animals of all kinds and sorts no problem the best actors and actresses money. Can buy consider it, done no expense would. Be spared no detail would be overlooked in the making. Of the biblical epic And the star of the show the role of Jesus of Nazareth was to be brought to the. Silver screen by none other than the, English star h b, Warner, more near the son and grandson of famous. British actors it'd become quite the heartthrob on, the British stage, later having moved to Hollywood. He did quite well for himself in the newly born movie industry Did I say winter did quite well That is a serious. Understatement having demille ask you to play the part of Jesus was just about as. Good as an actor could ever expect Every winter had. Signed a contract which, stipulated he wouldn't smoke or drink in, public for a year after. The film's release the Millfield felt comfortable and began shooting it took some time but when the film. Was finally released the critics were in, agreement king of kings had exceeded expectations and HP Warner had. Been born to play the part of Jesus the reviews of the film were. Outstanding and everyone involved with the. Project made a bundle of money and that was in the days before income taxes They might, think that life would be good for those people who had. Been connected, with the film and you would for the most part be right in that thinking there was only one person who seemed to. Be having difficulties that's right you guessed it I'm, speaking about h b Warner the, problem was this Warner. Had done such a good job of portraying Jesus in the movie did for many people he had become Jesus when people thought of the savior in their minds. Jesus looked like h, b Warner and that was not a. Good thing for the, actress career you see no director wants, to hire Jesus for a. Western where Jesus is going to gun down the bid guy in a main street shootout no director. Ones Jesus in a war movie or, a romance or a comedy especially Nona comedy in so it. Was the career of h b Warner slowed down It's, slowed down a lot over the years Warner was often overheard. Complaining playing, Jesus ruined his career which is not entirely accurate true Warner never again played leading roles and movies but he did make a living in all kinds. Of supporting roles supporting roles like the part of Mr. or, the pharmacist in it's. A wonderful life where the part of himself in Sunset Boulevard These were good jobs but h. B Warner, never again was the star he had been typecast he had been pigeonholed he, wasn't the first he wouldn't be the. Last pigeonholing other people is as old, as time. In, this prevalent, is prejudice I, come from, German heritage in, in a, less politically correct, time I, would have, been pigeonholed izaac kraut there. Are other pigeonholes some very unacceptable holes for other, nationalities other races if you or your child..

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