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Now more of overnight America with Ryan record on KOMO ads. I can't believe right. The all-star break already. It just gets here. So quick so quick. How does that happen? I don't even know anymore. Welcome back to overnight America. Stay a quick show tonight. We're only doing three hours because of blues hockey over on the west coast, but they get the win. So that's a big plus to against Anaheim start the all star break off. Right. There's a couple of local stories. There's just one I thought this is so stupid. Of course, what bothers me part of this coverage that we've seen with the Covington Catholic high school kids this past weekend at the March for life. Is that there was a lot of heat that was directed towards them because they were wearing a hat. It said make America great again, and they focus on that hat in the arbitrarily in falsely associate that hat with Haight immediately. And this has to be one of the worst cases of propaganda. The left have ever put forward is that by wearing a hat. You're a racist or hateful, or whatever it is. It's just unbelievable and that happened here locally and Troy camel the put a story together. And it's not because of a half of because of a shirt he was wearing take a listen to this. This is now causing a lot of controversy. This member says he doesn't understand why it's a problem. But tonight, the owner is standing by her decision to ban it this. The shirts was a blue shirt in two thousand sixteen Trump for president. What the shirt said it's working out in this. And it was pretty raggedy you could tell he's worn it for awhile cafes, free like freedom. When staff sergeant Jake Talbot, isn't touring. He says he stays in shape by working at CDC, fitness. A gym in Troy, Missouri. He's belong to for eight years. One of the big things I focus on being with military. But after what happened Sunday morning Talbot says he won't go back. And I'll says it's Trump for president twenty sixteen. Talbot says he was wearing this cert- when the owner approached him and politely asked him not to wear it to the gym again, saying the shirt was offensive to herself and others so offensive. Oh my goodness. Trump two thousand sixteen so offensive what a baby. So what's this place called shady fitness in Troy, this is equivalent to a lot of the problems that we have today of trying to how do you even have a civil discussion with someone if they say if they're wearing Trump shirt, you are a racist. And I need. My safe-space, which is not here. So you need to go you need to leave me because you're wearing a Trump shirt like how silly in stupid. Have we gotten to the point where someone is triggered immediately? By just the words on a shirt, and it's not even offensive. It's not even vulgar. It's not even sexual in nature. It's just a name. You gotta be kidding me. So yeah, this guy has some reasoning to be upset about all of this. He absolutely should be. He said that his racist. And it represents racism, and I'm nasty arouses. Like, I Don Talbot says he finished his workout before posting his frustrations to Facebook. I hate that. We're gonna wait till we say it's twenty and nineteen hell over not racing. The gym's owner declined an interview with news. You know, it is it really is thrown away to loosely in actual cases of racism are in actual legit cases. It's the boy who cried wolf scenario over and over and over again. So if that's the thing where you draw the line. Someone has a shirt that says Trump is your line for racism. Maybe you understand why so many people dismiss your claims when you yell for things that are legitimate. They automatically dismiss it. Because they say I'm just going to throw this in the pile with all the other ones who falsely claimed and why should I look at you as someone that has a legitimate idea or even a legitimate claim for actual racism. That's part of the problem is four but says made several members feel uncomfortable. She posted this message Sunday saying the gym, quote shouldn't be a political forum for anyone should have been brought up the whole time at all like the gym. You seem to be seeing these kinds of things more often in the age of Trump. There's no doubt about that. Attorney Lynette Petrescu says the gym's owner was well within her legal bounds. The business owner really didn't violate any first amendment or anti-discrimination law. You see it all the time. Everybody's always offended by something. Now Talbot believes the situation could have been handled differently. Doesn't bother me to wear. The like, it's not gonna affect me. It's the racist part of this. You brought up. I just do not like that. Yeah. It's not funny. They talked to a lawyer came over. He does this report they talked to a lawyer. And she makes it sound. Like, there's this guy's trying to sue this and GM or something like that. No, no, part of that article even made a mention that he was going to do that sort of thing. He just was talking about how stupid and silly. It was you know, there's at least something good here. Now, we know this company CD why fitness and now we know their stances tell it says another gym in the area reached out offering him year membership for free and comment the gym zone for them. You know, good for someone else to reach out. If do they see something like this. You know, how it's hilarious. So someone that thinks that is offensive or is actually a bad thing to wear a t shirt that says Trump on it. That's coming from the same people that are trying to be out there, claiming we are the we are the type of people that are open. We are always out here in welcoming. We we welcome all people, except if you're someone that supports Donald Trump, then you're the worst person in the world. But really were so welcoming. You know, if more he was out there with a little note pad. He would've said are light detector is determined. That is false. You are not a welcoming type of people. All right. That's story from chemo worth sharing their it's funny too. Because only play this very last part of the news story. It's owner says she defense or stands for tolerance and says she's against hate. No matter the financial consequential she's against oh now, we have a freedom fighter over here. Everybody look at the freedom fighter over here. Actually, you know, what the most hateful thing is the owner. The owner of all of that you heard in the story the owners the hateful one that turns out that she can't she can't be welcoming tolerant of other people. How hateful is she? That should be the twist that everyone takes away from them. All right. So coming up. There's another local story. KFC K homeowner getting tired of someone breaking into his house over and over and over. Again. I didn't realize the central West End was such a bad neighborhood, not not a bad neighborhood. But they were talking about from the crime statistics. He monetize people break in. If you live in the central West End is it really that bad right now is is crime on the rise. I'm curious you can give me your thoughts. Three one four four three six seventy nine hundred or eight hundred nine to five eleven twenty is.

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