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In which you so no wasn't one damn point. It was one great pony sandwich. Union's never ridden a great poem. Is that what you're saying. I never had a great up there. Junior off tommy wrote on knowing call. I can be a poet's if i was up there either. All your shit. Oh wow. I can't let y'all talk it. No damn aug inauguration must be chill more of the steve harvey morning show coming up at thirty three minutes after the hour. Right the end. You're listening to morning. Show steve. it's that time again. Please introduce your good good friend. J anthony brown for into his mind ladies and gentlemen the dark demented and troubled man. Real video roken up stall man really. I have some questions that will let you know if you should receive black card. We got points to go here. We go first question. Have you ever eaten rice. Arabi rice and sugar butter and rice. Give yourself five points here. Or did i did. Have you ever played the game. That's my car. Don't all have you ever played a game. That's my car and you didn't have a car give yourself points. Yes yes you got it away points. Is there anyone white that you'd like to have sex with takeaway. Two points strong. Hold on let me take two points away here. We go all right. Have you ever fix anything with a knife fork or a spoon. Give yourself six points. Put that down back up all right here. We don't have you ever put something in front of the urban to dry four points. Give yourself four points. Have you ever watched your face with a dish cloth. Give yourself two points down right that all the bath tiles was really style. But go idea you right. Have you ever made fun of somebody shouting in church. Give yourself three points. Church for that. For the word comedy career started as a team. Euro old has. Have you ever had a sandwich inside the rapid that it came in. Have you ever had that meaning. Have you ever made a sandwich with just the end pieces of breed. Give yourself oh points. That's okay last question last question. Have you ever eaten a piece of candy. That an all person pulled out of their bra and you ate anyway if you have not done things. Young didn't know whatever happened last break of the day. Yeah go ahead. you're gonna have a quote take with you here. We go okay if you are a man and you wait. Three hundred and fifty pounds. You have no reason walking a dog that weighs one pound. Okay making us. I love it. Jay coming up at forty nine minutes. After the hour steve harvey will be right way out it. Don't out some closing remarks right after you're listening to harvey morning show. Did abraham lincoln's deep depressions make him a better president to lead the us through civil war. Is there a genetic explanation for henry. The eighth lack of a male heir and his growing extreme paranoia through his life why did marilyn monroe's death by suicide coincide with an upswing in her movie career. I'm dr gail saltz a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. And on my podcast personality. I'll be joined by amazing experts to dove into the minds of famous historical figures to understand how both nature and nurture biology and life. Experience shape their character achievements and struggles. If you wanna know what really made exceptional original ingenious people tick then take a listen to season two personality every monday. On the iheartradio app on apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. All right steve. Here we are last of the day on this monday. Brand-new week brand new full week of work for the president. You know what. I want to talk about this. Which i'll because you say something at the top of the show that really. I don't know if people you know what man says. Trump has been out of office. I think for us. It has given us a break from having to run home and cut the team to see what he didn't say we ain't had to deal with no ignorant tweets. It has been a relief at is like it's a relief to know that somebody is trying to formulate a plan to get this covert thing under control and really going forward and talk about an really exposed. How the trump administration had.

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