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Would you mind just for a couple of minutes describing the university you're working with because it is in terms of a positive future and the kind of innovation that has made america remarkable country. I think you may be onto something really big well. I'm sure you feel the same way. Higher education is really important. We still have a comparative advantage in that space. Among the things. I typically say to people in this is in china overtaking. Yeah in some areas. They are but answer this question. How long is the line of people trying to get into the united states. And how long is the line of people trying to get into china. As far as i can tell there's no line trying to get into china and there's a very long line trying to get an ear in part because our university systems the challenge. It seems to me it is very much like the pentagon there's a tendency to get bureaucratized and change his heart. I mean if you talked to anybody in higher education about changing the general education curriculum. They'll describe it like a failed military campaign so we begin. Newt by saying you can teach human beings how to think critically and every university has it on their website and very few actually start and say how do you do it. This lots of research on how people learn and how they organize themselves think so our first year. We teach undergraduates out. I think it's completely need blind. We don't use the sat or the act. Those things are far. As i'm concerned they're rigged so if you're accepted that's when you look at your financial capacity. We don't try to get geographical diversity as well as just the across the line and the second thing would do should say. We're not gonna spend pani unless you can actually demonstrate. It's adding value to the cost so we built a virtual classroom. Open your laptop and you go to class. Meaning i can recruit faculty all over the country. I can recruit students all over the world. You don't need to physically be where the school itself is being taught although it is a residential program our kids come to san francisco the first year a spend an entire year essentially learning how to think acquiring the habits of mind do simple things and then they select what they're going to study. They go to six different countries one each semester for the next two years before they graduate. But we're collecting data all the time. We value it our faculty. Ross awkward we evaluate our students. We take net promoter. Scores were constantly changing the curriculum. We don't have to have meetings to change the curriculum because the data we collect shows us what works and what doesn't work. We have a long line of faculty that wanna teach minerva in spite of the fact that we don't have tenure in part because we want to maintain a very high standard of teaching. And as you know we can be a great teacher. One year lousy teacher the next which just because i lose interest in doing it or something happens on my life. So if you've talked to the students they'll tell you why they like what manoeuvres is offering and we put almost as much time in the extracurricular work with businesses not for profits government. So they learn as you. And i have learned when you're doing problem solving oftentimes choices between bad and terrible. It's not between good and lousy. It's bad and terrible and you gotta make a decision and the bad news is sometimes you make a good decision. Sometimes you don't but you gotta live with it either way you can't point the finger and blame it on society you gotta step up and accept responsibility for so. These are the sorts of things that we're doing. That's quite exciting. We just got regional accreditation from wasco. Now the chairman of it. We just recruited our first president. And it's fun because it is important. We have six hundred students republic. Go to twelve or fifteen hundred and you could see these young people. They're going to be leaders. They're going to be problem. Solvers in the private sector government. They're going to be able to do things they wouldn't have been able to do without the opportunity to go into the school so people can find it. What's the euro listeners. Can find all they need to know about manoeuvres. University on the website is minerva dot. Edu we'll put it on our show page where people can link to it. I remember you talking to me. I think almost ten years ago about this concept. I ve always been fascinated by it and i think we need this kind of renewal in this kind of innovative thinking to continue probing what's possible and self-government essential that individuals acquire the past think critically and all too often. They tend to orient or they're expected to be the most important thing for somebody who's thinking critically has having the courage necessary if they're the only one in a group of one hundred that saying no everybody else's saying yes they gotta say. No you gotta have the courage to stand up and tell people what you actually believe. Based upon your own analysis it does get shut down too often today in part. Because you know wait a minute. People are woke. And you know they don't want to have anything that's offensive said out loud but in part because it's hard it much rather get around of applause and get booed. Listen i really appreciate your taking the time to be with us today. It's always invigorating to talk with you because you're mind never stops. Why really loved when. We were co-chairing things alzheimer's one particular. We've made an impact. That was good. That was good work. I remember when you and i reported to the senate. The largest number of senators. I'd ever seen at that kind of a hearing and was because every one of them had a family connection alzheimer's their interest in our report was very personal. Thank you to my guest. And good friends. Senator bob kerrey. You can read more about the twentieth anniversary of the september eleventh attacks and you can also be connected to minerva university on our show page at newsworld dot. Com neutral world is produced by gangs sixty and iheartmedia. Our executive producer is debbie. Meyers our producers garnsey. Sloan and our researcher. His rachel peterson. The our work for the show was created by steve finley special. Thanks to the team had gingrich three sixty. If you've been enjoying newt's world. I hope go apple podcast and both rate us with five stars and give us a review so others can learn what it's all about right now. Listeners of neutral can sign up for my three free weekly columns gingrich three sixty dot com slash newsletter. I'm newt gingrich..

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