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I'm john batchelor gordon chang the daily beast my colleague and cohost and we're joined by james holmes and the naval war college to comment surface warfare officer retired to comment on the news that the united states has disinvited china the p l a navy to the annual rimpac exercises gm very good evening to you what is rimmed pack and what is the significance of disinvited the rising power of asia good evening john gordon glad to speak to you and to all our listeners in new york yeah i read this is because there's been a was a kind of price rose to even look for to those who were on the inside that this this happened i mean the status quo has become over the last couple of years that china will take part in rimpac repack repack as you as you asked is basically a multinational exercise that's the sort of things i mean it serves a political purpose insofar as it shows that we are so we we have solid early on certain tasks whether it's peace time constabulary duty or wartime tasks whatever the case may be so that's the so that's basically a statement and also down on the operational level it actually lets us do things that lance is really really need to do do well to fight together which is basically just the practice to get together and do what navies and coast guards do both in peacetime and wartime so china china quite clearly placed a lot of importance on being invited into this exercise and at the same time they i think they will probably be put out at being disinvited as we as the term is going today the withdrawal of the invitation is extremely significant in and of itself but we gotta put this in some context so on monday we had president trump's tweet talking about and complaining in effect about china's busting of un sanctions on north korea then yesterday we had president trump in his meeting with president moon of south korea actually express his irritation at the chinese because he said that kim jong un the north korean ruler changed his attitude after his second meeting with siege in ping and then to really rub it in president trump said that he did not like the.

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