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Is where he's on his way to deliver ten windows and doors hi this is Luther from wizards warehouse I was calling to let you guys know what I'm about thirty minutes out I'm on my way to do the install wait yeah yes I was calling this is Lou to fade from which is warehouse in about thirty minutes away I was running late but I'll be there before the house around okay I was looking for is twenty three yeah okay yeah so I'm about thirty minutes out from one on one and the beat is a lever what I'm delivering you the team canteen deal what is the ten windows detain doors for ten thousand any size now you had around well I'm coming out to do all the frame work today I don't have no ma'am you guys are the ones who ordered all of this material in everything is cut to size about it great I got a complete the order because you got now would you ma'am hello Hey how you doing man sorry about that we accidentally got disconnected no longer well I'll just talk to you guys when I get there then so we're going to come over there and I'm gonna start to tear those windows out and not down the doors now now now now now yeah is there a cell tower in the Amil caller Prodi mail why are you going to call the police because you ordered the teens who are already so I'll see you in about another twenty twenty five minutes ma'am may as well right why are you so how you play it might look don't get you back to Rome where he began around AM out so bring your okay hello yeah hi ma'am how are you okay okay you know you you really nice when I change my voice to sound like a woman I'm on long don't wait the new FE game you wearing is going.

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